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So how's scroll gate doing

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by fenjen, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. fenjen, Jan 27, 2013
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    I'm really considering selling my 4S to get a 5 but the scrolling issue had me a bit worried. The thing is I can't find anything on the issue newer then about 2 months.
    I would like to know if there was any insight yet as to wether this is a hardware or software issue and if this is even a noticeable issue. I love gaming on my iPhone so I know I wouldn't bare having the touchscreen fail on me all the time.
    So anyway, does anyone have a little insight in the case which they would want to share?
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    Scrollgate is a thing?
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    What scrollgate? All there it was, someone was able to get the touch to fail while doing a very specific reparative motion that no one would actually do during any type of normal use.
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    I suggest hold onto your 4S until the next iPhone. Wait and see if they have less bugs.

    Sure it's your money, but what's the hurry, really? I mean, is there anything your 4S can't do that a 5 can on current iOS?
    Beside being taller, of course :cool:
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    Plenty of games use motions like that. Fruit Ninja is the main example that comes to mind.
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    Well coming from the S3 I kinda miss my big screen and the thinness. Those are basically the only things I want the 5 for.
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    Perhaps you should explain what in the world you're talking about....:confused:
  8. vastoholic, Jan 27, 2013
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    I've never seen any issues with scrolling on the iPhone 5, 4S or 4 for that matter...
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    No clue. I do, however, know that gategate is a disaster. :D
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    Absolutely no scrolling problems for me on my i5. I play a bunch of games on my phone and everything is perfectly fine. There is no such thing as a scrollgate
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    Can't be worse than Watergategate :p

  13. 2IS
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    The screen is understandable, the thickness is .6mm difference, which is about 6 sheets of paper, doubt it would even be noticeable if someone didn't know it was thicker. I think the 4S' weight makes it feel thicker than it really is though.
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    No problems with scrolling, scuffing, bending, or with the battery life on my iPhone 5.

    Did I miss any other gates? :rolleyes: :p
  15. 2IS
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    You missed the original one... Antenna-Gate
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    I have had my Iphone 5 since november and have never had this problem, I also play every type of game you can think of including fruit ninja.

    This was probably made up from some anti-apple person. Everyone i know that has an iPhone 5 has never had this issue either.
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    There was someone here that said he knew for a fact all iPhone 5's have this scrolling issue. After I posted a video proving that my iphone does not have a scroll problem, never heard back from him. :rolleyes:
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    I thought scroll gate was on android.
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    My iPhone has this problem and although it doesn't always occur, it does happen when I play Fruit Ninja.

    It DOES exist though most likely not on all iPhones.
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    Scrollgate is still nothing.Absolutely nothing.Go ahead and get your 5 with confidence.
    Proof?If it was even a teeny tiny problem the Mac rumors forums would be bursting at the seams with threads about how awful it is and how Apple is doomed and Steve would never have let it happen.The streets would run red with the blood of innocents and tidal waves of tears would scour the Earth of the last traces of humankind.


    God I love them!Thanks!
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    That's probably because it's not an issue for people.
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    STiNG Operation

    Yes, there is a scrolling issue on the iPhone 5. (youtube it)xD

    Yes, most people don't use their phone for intense swiping games.

    Most likely you'll never have an issue with it. I had to delete flick home run because of it but that's all.
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    Well, that was on the iPhone 4, not the 5 and that is probably the only one that had some validity to it.
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    Well im actually able to play Flick homerun and other swiping games perfectly fine on my i5 so yours could be defective? Just because you have the issue doesnt mean others do

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