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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by jwbro, Oct 2, 2012.

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    ok, so im running mountain lion 10.8.2 and i cant access any of my programs because i can't find them. My finder does not open. all i get when i click on it is that at the top of the desktop it says finder, file, help, etc. nothing opens up at all. if i could get into my finder i would be able to navigate my mac so this is my biggest problem. can someone please help me?
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    Does Spotlight or your Dock work? Can you not open a new Finder window via File > New Finder Window or CMD+N?
    Since what action of yours (update?) does this occur?

    And what exact Mac (model and year if you are unsure) do you use? Do you also employ a backup strategy?
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    my spotlight is nowhere to be found and my dock seems to work but only displays the icons for finder, my applications, documents, and shared. cmd+n does not seem to work either. this happened when i updated into mountain lion 10.8.3. I am using an early 2009 mac mini. I do not have a backup strategy.
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    reinstall the OS.
    and have a backup strategy, there's NO excuse not to.
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    Could it be possible that parental control could be causing the problems?
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    Yes definitely. If someone enabled parental controls it can restrict the user to only certain apps and also lock down the Finder. Someone would have to turn that on though. Parental controls are not enabled by default.
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    My dad has allowed me to use the apps and unlocked me from the dock but im still having the same problems what do i do?
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    Still sounds like a Parental controls issue. Parental controls can also look down the Finder.

    As a test can you have your dad completely turn off Parental controls (with him there and watching) and see if things work then.

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