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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by alkashif, Apr 13, 2006.

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    Dear MAC forum members,

    i am conducting a study on software development and the use of software design patterns , particularly when used within the scope of integrating applications.

    It would be great to have views from MAC developers.
    I have to admit that I am not a MAC user and know little about development in MAC environment, but the questioniare can be filled by large audience within programming /development.

    if you are hapy to help , the questioaire is at
    ( take approx 5 min)

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    It's not MAC - it's not capitalised. MAC and Mac are two different things. One's an inherent property of a network adapter. The other is a type of computer.
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    So sorry for being short sighted on that .

    Please ignore if the original post is not relevant.
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    Or, of course, a hamburger, since the correct name of a the computer line would be Apple Macintosh.

    Or, in other words: Stop being so picky. The posting was not ambiguous, everybody knew what "MAC" was supposed to denote.

    Or, in even other words: Jehova, Jehova!
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    If we're being pedants then the hamburger isn't capitalised either...also it's prefixed by the word 'Big'
    And Jehovah has an 'H'.

    The moral of the story is 'Don't try and outdo a pedant who's an expert at it' ;)
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    The context was: "The other is a type of computer." - "Or, a hamburger".
    As for Jehova: You win. But I didn't try to be a pendant. I just wanted to make clear that this MAC/Mac thing is ridiculous.

    MAC MAC!

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