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Software shows what keys to push on piano

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by adamlazz, Jun 29, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    I am looking for a way to take a .mp3 of a piano solo and transfer it to software that will play the piano piece along with a visual representation of a keyboard. When the piece plays, the keys light up accordingly.

    Is this possible in Garage Band or some other software?

    If you have any questions that need clarifying, please don't hesitate to ask.

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    Sounds like you are trying to create a piano instructional video.

    First off you would record the piano as MIDI, not MP3. The MIDI file contains the key-down and key up times and key velocities. Apple's Garage band or Logic can record MIDI files and play them back either by sending the data back to the keyboard or by using a software synth.

    You can edit MIDI to correct mistakes too.

    What you are asking for is a visual midi player. Software that will play a midi file as an animation. I've seen a few of these but not one that creates a visual representation of a keyboard

    for $100 you can buy a cheap Yamaha keyboard that has lighted keys. These are intended for children but yu could send the midi file to one of these and video tape it.
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    Thanks for the speedy response.
    However, I don't think I got my idea across as well as I'd wished.

    I want to:

    1) Take an existing piece of music (.mp3 / .wav / .*)
    2) Make the computer recognize what keys are played
    3) Map the keystrokes on a piano

    Does this make any more sense? Does this seem possible?

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    So you already have the recorded music files and you are not askig about making more recordings. Then you want a sound file to midi file converter. If you are talking about recording future performances then simply record midi directly.

    Audioscore will analyse a sound file or a live mic and transform it into notation file or midi.

    I comes bundled with the new version of Sibelius. You can download a free trail copy

    One thing. You will need a very clean recording and I bet it will work best with a single line of notes, like say from a solo flute.

    Once you have the file converted to midi you can transpose and edit any why you want
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    That's very impressive! :p

    I assume it has to be said with popeye voice?

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