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Software Update on Device

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by KiwiTech, Apr 8, 2009.

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    Hi, I accidentally updated the software on my provisioned device through iTunes. If I go to Organizer in XCode, I see the device but it is not recognized. How do I restore to the older version?
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    Which version did you update to?
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    I updated to 2.2.1. I did not realized that by doing so XCode no longer recognizes the device as the provisioned device.
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    It should still be OK. I've upgraded through iTunes several times.
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    When I am trying to build a new application through XCode, it is giving error saying no provisioned device attached. Do i need to re-load the provisioning codes?
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    Yup. In the Organizer, drag and drop the provisioning file you're building with from your list of provisioning profiles onto the device you're attempting to install on.
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    I did that already but did not help. There is still a yellow dot against the device in the Organizer window. I assume it should be green...
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    Will it help to do a restore from iTunes?
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    I had the same issue upon upgrading to 2.2.1. No combination of moving/deleting the provisioning profiles and restarts of XCode fixed it. But a restore in iTunes did fix the issue for me.

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