Software Update won't pull up Java

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by fussball, Nov 3, 2003.

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    I just reinstalled Jaguar on my computer after some issues installing Panther (I was given corrupted discs... they were copied under an institutional license and whomever copied them made a mistake)

    anyway- I ran software update and all that, but the Java 1.4.1 update never came up and I'm not sure where to find it (the apple site just says run software update, which does nothing)

    any suggestions?

    thanks john
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    I think Apple pulled it because so many people were having problems with it.
    Don't look for it--it's bad news.

    ps: I never installed it in Jaguar and then one day it was gone from the Update List.
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    Good question. Sorry to say I don't know.

    Can anyone confirm that this Java update was pulled from Software Update?

    I assume that you already upgraded to at least 10.2.6 as that is when it is supposed to show up according to Apple.

    btw: I love your blue ibook :)
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    Yes, this update was pulled. I got a brand new 15" AlBook with 10.2.7 and couldn't install it from software update last week. I just upgraded to Panther recently though so I don't think I need it any more. (I think it comes bundled with Panther).

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