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Solar-Powered Toothbrush Doesn't Require Toothpaste

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by bamaworks, Aug 22, 2010.

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    The very thought of not using toothpaste goes against everything I stand for, though an interesting concept indeed. One cannot deny the utility for travelers, long distance hikers, etc. Not to mention a person could keep this with them during the day if they are ultra concerned with having clean teeth.

    Crest & Colgate might as well get to work on their smear campaign now, because I feel like this could be very popular in the future. No batteries? No toothpaste? Forever? I call that efficiency.
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    Definitely. I was going to say it might be cheaper in the future, as you don't have to keep buying toothpaste, but I don't know whether that's actually true...
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    Well it's just in the testing faze right now. I might consider it if it gets ADA approval.
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    Of course, it's a future item. If it eradicates bacteria as well as it claims, I'm on board.
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    I thought the same.

    If it doesn't, better carry Tic-Tacs. ;)
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    Apparently it's for sale through some independent distrubutors in the USA.



    Interesting discrepancy, the original article states:
    While the site with the item for sale states:

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    I'm going to buy it. I'll let you know. :) And they don't mean Lead like the metal, they mean lead (pronounced with long e) wire.
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    Im pretty sure titanium dioxide is not the active ingredient in toothpaste.

    You should start a political party based on that.
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    "Helps build strong teeth 1 way,"
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    Touche, good sir. Looks like I need to upgrade my reading comprehension.
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    Very cool concept, but I think I'd miss that minty clean feeling. :eek:
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    Must have a burning sensation at the end...:p
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    4 out of 5 dentists recommend it.

    5 out of 5 dentists will profit from it. :p
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    Wow, that looks sweet. Imagine how much money you'd save :p
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    I’m all for inovation, but this is just a bit odd.
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    I bought this toothbrush immediately after reading this thread, because I had some money lying around for the next gimmick out there.
    It arrived today, and I used it. It's totally different from a normal toothbrush. When your expose it to light and brush your teeth, your saliva turns into this odd foam (like a vinegar and baking soda reaction). After using this toothbrush only one time, I can honestly say that my mouth feels cleaner than it it ever has, and not a superficial "minty clean," but like a natural and deep clean.
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    fo realz?
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    For real! I wasn't expecting much, but this is actually quite an amazing invention. I still have no clue how it works, but it's brilliant.
    My only real negative was the the instructions weren't quite clear (most likely translated verbatim from another language), but you have to remove the head and then wet the rod, and then the bristles. You can use your saliva to do this, but they say that tap water is better.
    Oh, and one other negative. It feels rather cheap and the head itself isn't too big, but it still works great.
    If you guys have any questions about it, to which you want an unbiased answer, just ask!
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    After reading your positive response, I definitely want one. Where do you order them at?
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    There is a link in this thread. In the first few posts. They're $30 and they ship pretty fast.
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    FAIL. This might be good for hiking, but teeth need fluoride on a regular basis. Besides, nothing beats that minty fresh feeling I get after brushing with Aquafresh!
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    I've ordered on from a uk stockist.
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    You can still use toothpaste, you just don't need to.
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    I'll wait for the inevitable reports of teeth falling out.

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    I think that's meant to be wire lead, as opposed to a wire made of lead.

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