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Solid State HD in ibook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by drewster, Sep 7, 2008.

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    My G4 ibook (1ghz, 1.25GB RAM) has had it's second HD go on it, admittedly it is a 5 year machine now. However, I do like its form factor, and find that for typing notes in class it is ideal as on the lowest brightness and wifi off, I can get close to 6 hours of battery life out of a charge.

    At this point I am considering simply going for a new Macbook, however they are a little larger, or perhaps a netbook of sorts, the new dell looks interesting and potentially trying to get OS X on it.

    However, before I do so, I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with a SSD in the ibook, was it worth it? Where did you get the SDD (particularly useful if they ship to canada).

    Thanks in advance.
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    Seriously, a SDD would probably cost more than your laptop itself is worth.

    Aren't you better off just getting an entirely new laptop?
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    I think drew's right when he says about the form factor of the iBook being perfect for taking quick notes, the MacBook whilst for me is perfect I can see being a bit of a jump for somebody unused to it.

    As for going SSD, its probably not worth it. Find a replacement drive from a reputable source and install it. Until SSDs drop significantly in price I'm sticking with mechanical.
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    SSDs are still pretty expensive right now.

    Personally, I would just get a new HD and make sure I do backups.
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    Completely agreed, and it wouldn't do much to its resale value if you ever need to sell it, people will look for solid slate MacBook Airs, Pro, etc, but rarely iBooks.

    I recommend to just get a normal hard drive.
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    You can get a smaller 16-32gb CF(CompactFlash) memory card and a 2.5" IDE to CF adapter for relativly cheap. You will have an almost completely silent laptop not to mention cooler and will extend the battery life even more too. But you give up storage capactiy. Install your stock drive in an external enclosure for your storage needs. For just a note taking laptop anyways, 16gb will be plenty.
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    IBooks are PATA and pretty much every SSD I've seen is SATA...
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    What about a 64GB for $195?:p

    64GB SSD
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    Only you can decide how small you can go. Personally I'd need 256Gb (or more).
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    Both of those you linked are SATA drives and will not work in an iBook.

    Here's a PATA one.
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    Read the whole thread. I said that most SSDs where SATA and then this guy started asking about MacBooks :p

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