Some image trawling... what is this?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by xcodeaddict, Jun 7, 2013.

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    I just found this in my Chrome image cache... but what IS it? :confused: :eek:

    The source URL was some scrambled Apple URL which is now 404'ing...

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    That's a standard promotional image for WWDC 2013. Nothing fancy.
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    Indeed it is. Question is why would you casually go through your image cache?
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    Trying to work out where I was earlier, as I cleared my web history... :(


    ... but the filename has "springboard" in it...

    I've not seen it elsewhere, have you?
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    Springboard is a lot a different things besides the name of iOS' main app. In web design lingo, it is commonly used as a placeholder or starting place image.
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    Okay :). Just seems a slight coincidence, since iOS uses a "springboard" launcher, right?

    Also it says "_stack..." - there's stacks in OS X - is there any correlation, do you feel?
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    None at all. Stacks is likely the name of the image that is given for internal purposes.
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    So, nothing to do with there being a stack of icons, and a springboard being iOS' traditional launcher name? Do you work for Apple, and if so, do I sense denial? LOL! :D
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    Apple's internal web marketing team likely calls it a "stacks" image, because it looks like a stack of squares. The web team also likely has the "springboard" in the image name because it is the springboard/starting image for WWDC 2013.
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    Seems like much of a coincidence to me; I like!


    So, I wonder if there'll be a stack which you tap, that then fans out into a launcher... like on OS X?
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    nope. folders took care of that.
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    Looks like it will be a demo image on apple's website for the new homescreen, can't wait to see the keynote, this looks quite interesting
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    I just compared this to the actual WWDC logo, and there are a few differences, so this is an all new image. Good find!

    The apps are stacked in a different order, and by the looks of the blur it looks like a frame for some kind of animation (probably for this folder/stacks idea).

    Do not dismiss this. This is a good find.
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    Or something OP created (or someone else did) in 5 minutes with photoshop. I'm not buying that this has any significance with iOS or OSX, just a promo image.
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    I put it in the Google search by image thing, but it didn't show it anywhere on the Web. :( Interesting though. Looks like it might be what folders will look like on iOS 7. Now they might use the stack OS X aesthetics.
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