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Some minor problems with ML...

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Orange Furball, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Orange Furball

    Here are some little things I found in ML that I never had in Lion...

    1) after watching a succession of videos on YouTube, video gets choppy to the point where it requires a force quit of chrome.

    2) sometimes the Flash plugin doesn't load. This one is minor, as all I have to do is refresh the page.

    3) ads. On the "One Paw Bandit" game from phonedog.com, when I try to log in the ad multiplies itself to the point that it covers the user name and password spot! Never happen before!

    4) yesterday I was going to troll on chatroullette (or however it is spelled) and I was faced the box to allow your camera to turn on, I clicked and clicked and clicked but the "allow" button wouldn't work!

    All of these little glitches are minor annoyances, but I never had them in Lion. I would go back, but iMessages and the notification center are to good to give up!
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    1. I have never heard of this issue, but I am having a few issues with YouTube myself - the video will play and then refresh out of nowhere.

    2. This one is happening to me with YouTube, but I'll have to refresh the page 1-4 times to get it to load. Not sure of a fix.

    3. I noticed that AdBlockPlus on Safari isn't working well anymore either, I'm getting a bunch of ads that weren't there when I was on Lion.

    4. This is an issue with flash that I recall happening to me on Lion before a fix was released. You have to go into your flash preference pane in system preferences and manually allow the specific site access. But do yourself a favor and stay away from Chatroulette; nothing but 40+ year old pervs looking to get some action from younger girls.

    Sorry my post wasn't too helpful, but do know that you're not the only one with these issues!

    You said yourself that they're minor annoyances, would it really be worth downgrading your entire OS because of four tiny flaws?
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    Orange Furball

    Im glad its not just me. I also have another problem, but I forget what it was. As for downgrading, if the problems prevented me from using my computer I would until 10.8.1 was released. But its not that bad yet!

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