Some Nice MacBook Shots, Opinions?, Please

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by techno96, Oct 11, 2009.

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    I took these with my phone a while ago and think they came out pretty nice.






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    Your lighting kinda throws it, but other than that the macro's look good.

    Next time try dimming the lights and no flash.
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    ^agreed. Dim the lighting I think that would enhance the environment alltogether.

    I am impressed that, even with the harsh light, the only dust I could see was on my own display :p
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    bit of camera shake, I would recommend using a filling backlight
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    pretty good, did u use a pointnshoot?
    btw this would be better posted in the photography forum
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    I think they used their phone. :)
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    I'm going to be honest as everyone seems to be beating around the bush.

    There awful, no offence there with a phone and thats not your fault it can't capture it the way you want.

    But as "nice macbook shots" go, these are terrible.
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    you simon cowell you :D
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    yeh no offence dude, but these are really horrible..... Why would you think we would be impressed by these? For a phone they arent bad, but as photographs they are terrible.
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    Lol C'mon I don't claim to be a great photographer but still, as the poster above has stated why would we be impressed with them?

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