some questions.

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by chrislee8, Jun 1, 2006.

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    hi all,

    1. how do i test if jre and jdk are installed?

    2. how do I find out battery info from applescript. it is a powerbook g4.

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    1. java -version

    2. find out yourself.
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    thank you chris.
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    you are welcome.
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    Ahh, I hate to interrupt, but I did run across this script a few days ago:
    It did not work on my MBP, however. At its core is a call to ioreg, which did not seem to be returning the expected info. The requirements did list Powerbooks and iBooks, but not MBPs, so it will probably work for you.

    Hope this helps... Now you can get back to talking to, um, each other... :D
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    Thanks. I don't have to talk to myself now. :p

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