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Some songs not working on iPod touch

Discussion in 'iPod' started by EssentialParado, Oct 6, 2007.

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    I have some songs that sync fine, but won't play on my ipod touch. The music won't play then the track skips to the next in the playlist. I bought the song on iTunes.

    Has this ever happened before? This is my first iPod so I apologize if this is a common problem.
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    I had a similar problem a few days ago, but wasn't able to reproduce it. When I was syncing back with iTunes, it asked me if I wanted to send some error infomation to Apple. The iPod obviously stored the error info. To me it looks like a minor bug that will be erased with the next software update.
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    Oh okay. So you didn't have problems with those songs on your old iPod? (I assume you had an old one)

    In that case I won't bother re-ripping those albums for now. Thanks for the info! :)
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    No, they were playing fine on the white iPod.
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    I do also have the problem with song-skipping on my ipod classic.

    For some reasons some songs are always being skipped and some are
    skipped randomly.

    The songs being skipped are mostly long files (audiobooks, podcasts).

    Re-syncing, Reset, Restore did not help.

    The files itself seem to be ok because iTunes will play them and my
    old iPod 1G also.

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