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Someone please explain this to me .....

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Backtothemac, Feb 7, 2002.

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    I received my new iBook 600 today, and oh my God this thing is amazing! Here is the question though. How in the hell is this thing visually faster than my iMac 600? Both are 10.1.2, the iMac has 1GB Ram, and the iBook has 384 MB. The iBook is 20 GB, and the iMac is 40 GB. Both are 100 MHZ bus, but the iBook friggin smokes! Any ideas? Is something wrong with my iMac?

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    How recently did you install OS X on your iMac? The drive could be all over the place... run a defrag/optimiser on it.

    Also, I don't know what revision your iMac is, but it could be something to do with L2 cache size and speed. Anyone?
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    Could the graphics card be involved at all?
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    I have the iMac 600SE Flower Power with 1GB Ram, and I think it has 256k of cache. Same as the iBook except the iBook is 384 Ram. I have ran Norton on the iMac, but it is only 2 months old. And yes it was new when I bought it. I got it from smalldog, and it was still new. I can't understand why it is sooo much slower than the iBook. I mean 2 to 3 seconds slower launching iTunes and Internet Explorer.
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    Also, iBook 8mb ATI Rage. iMac is 16MB ATI Rage Ultra.
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    Weird... all I can think of is maybe OS X takes advantage of the newer hardware better somehow... it's a mystery! Glad to hear it's snappy for you, tho. :D
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    yes 99
    probabably the new hardware
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    2-3 seconds difference launching IE???...

    ...my G3 233 only takes about 3-4 seconds total (not accurately measured, 2 bounces). How long does your iMac take?
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    ya you probably need to defrag and rebuild the desktop..not to mention you've probably got something running in the background thats eating up processor time. when our school got iMac DVs they were hella fast. then after 6 months of use by students, theyre as slow as the rest of the iMacs..
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    See...I knew you would like it...they are quick little suckers...

    My iBook kills my iMac in OSX...but I credit it to +200MHz, more RAM and the on-chip cache.

    As in your case...I have no idea...huh...is there any difference on the HD speed...cause I know that can make a huge difference in loading apps...etc...
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    the iBook has a newer G3 Rev procesor and OS X uses it more effeciently...
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    Well, the iBook has a slower hard drive, but I guess the info about the processor would make sense. When I say 2-3 seconds quicker I mean opening, IE and loading the home page. I am sure that I am nitpicking here, but I mean it is a visable difference, especially in the iTunes visuals. Also check this out. It is a 12.1 iBook which should have a 4x4x6x24 CDRW/DVD drive right (according to Apples site). Last night I burned a CD with it and it burned at 8X! Oh well. Abercrombie you were right, this little mother is awesome!
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    The lates version of iTunes doen't lunch it self from the control strip, I have to located manually!!!

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