Something is wrong with my ipod 5.5g!!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by jdude224, Jan 9, 2009.

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    OK, I am getting really frustrated. I have been converting all of my mp3s from 128kps to 192kps using switch, and then replacing my original mp3s with the new ones. The problem is that when my ipod plays the new higher bitrate mp3s, it gets about 2/3 of the way through the song and then skips to about the last 3 seconds of the song and freezes. I play the songs on itunes without any problems. I have restored my ipod and still have no luck. The only thing that has worked was when I deleted a song and re-added it to my library. I do not want to do this, though because I don't want to lose my playcounts and ratings.

    Can anyone help me?
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    Converting from 128 to 192 kb/s will reduce quality and make the files bigger. Stick with 128.
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    I know, but what am I going to do with the songs that I already converted?
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    If you still have the originals use them. If you deleted the original 128 kb/s songs, rip your CD's again.

    Never try to convert compressed music, it ruins it further. Always rip in lossless. Then edit from there.

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    But the songs sound fine. I am just asking how to delete and re-add my songs to itunes without losing my play counts and ratings.
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    There isn't a way to do it without losing play counts and ratings.

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    Well is there any that I can get the songs to play fine on my ipod. Like I said, the song that I deleted and re added sounds fine now.
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    It sounds like your iPod's internal database is listing the files at their original sizes. For example, a 4 MB file would now be 6 MB, but it's halting playback at the 4 MB mark. That would explain why re-adding it would fix it; the database would be updated to list 6 MB.

    I have no idea how to fix that though.
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    Starting with a fresh iTunes library and a restored iPod is the only way I can think of to fix this.

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    SO there's nothing I can do? ISn't there a way to get the ipod to read it as a new song?
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    Yikes... you should have consulted us first. So the 192kbps songs play ok on iTunes, but are messed on the iPod? That's weird.

    Start a new iTunes library and learn your lesson. You don't have a Time Machine backup by chance do you?
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    From like 3 months ago.
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    then restore the file from three months ago. Personally I would just start fresh, and rerip everything as lossless.

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    The only problem is that I'm missing around 50 songs from that time.
    What is lossless? I feel really dumb.
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    Don't feel dumb.

    Lossless is when none of the music is compressed. It's exactly like it is on the CD. But as a result the file takes up a LOT more space. An example, I have a song in my library that is encoded in AAC 256 Kb/s it takes up 9.6 MB, I use this version (AAC 256) on my iPhone. I have a lossless version of that same song in my library and it takes up 24 MB. That about 2.5 bigger. But the audio quality is much better. For most people AAC at 192 kb/s is enough (as in your case). AAC is better then MP# because not as much of the song is edited out during compression. But AAC isn't compatible with applications like Windows Media Player 11. But it will work just fine on your iPod.

    To set iTunes to rip in AAC 256, follow these directions (assuming you are on a Mac):

    1. Open iTunes

    2. Click "iTunes"

    3. Click "Preferences"

    4. On the "General" Tab, click "Import Settings"

    5. Cick on the drop down selector that is labeled "Import Using"

    6. Select "AAC Encoder"

    7. Click on the "Settings" drop down selector, and select "Custom"

    8. A menu will pop up, Select the "Stereo Bit Rate" drop down selector, and select "256 kbps"

    9. Make sure "Use Variable Bit Rate Recording (VBR)" is selected (check mark in box), if it isn't select it.

    10. Select OK on all of the Menu's, and your are done setting up import settings.

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    Suspect Firmware Update

    I'm not sure, but I'm thinking that Apple -- within the past few months -- upgraded iPod firmware.

    Here's why I say that. A few weeks ago, I had to reset my iPod for some reason. Weird!

    Then last week, my iPod started skipping songs. Then it wouldn't play any songs. It would load a song, and then -- after a few seconds -- load the next.

    I took the iPod to the Apple store, and some Genius did something that made it seem as if it was back to normal. But, when I started adding music to it, I ran into the same problem.

    Yesterday, Apple took my old iPod and gave me a new one -- AND IT HAS THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM! Some songs, it just won't play.

    I did some research, and this seems to be a fairly widespread problem.

    I think it's firmware that's causing all these problems.
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    I highly doubt it, I have a 5.5G that I don't use very much, and it's fine. It has to do with changing the songs' bit rate.

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    Just a small correction. Lossless music CAN be compressed. Lossless just means there is no loss of audio quality.
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    If you don't use it much, then it might be running older firmware.

    Bit rate is no issue here.
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    It has the latest firmware. Bit rate is the issue here. The iPod's database has been corrupted because it expects a song to be so many MB's, but the song is actually bigger then that. I don't see you offering any other explanations. All you have done is say that my theory is wrong, but you haven't even presented your own theory. What gen iPod is the one Apple gave you as a replacement?

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    The iPod has been restored. The the old copies of songs in iTunes were replaced with fresh copies, and then copied to iPod.

    Yet the problem persists. And it happens only with certain songs. And it continues to happen after those songs are replaced.

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