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Something "missing" from the expo?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacAztec, Jan 9, 2003.

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    "Aside from the next big thing in timepieces, Gates unveiled another new product under development, called Media2Go, which is close to what (nasdaq: AAPL) Apple Computer should have announced at its own show earlier in the week. Gates showed a prototype device that is a 20-gigabyte hard drive with a small video screen, suitable for storing and playing music and TV shows."

    That odd....

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    eh, uninspired hype about what is currently vaporware. Of course I do find it disconcerning that the writer belives all of the US (let alone the rest of the world) is w/in reach of an FM radio transmitter.

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    Re: Something "missing" from the expo?

    Uh no, Apple should not have announced a product like this, as it goes Apple users are not only generally smarter but also generally more fashion conscious....
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    And Apple typically only announces things that really exist and work. This is classic FUD: preannouncing a nonexistent product to forestall others from developing it for fear of being incompatible.

    Why is Microsoft so eager to be the tool of the MPAA and RIAA, anyway? Birds of a feather (anti-consumer, monopolistic) flock together?

    The watch is a joke too: I have a Timex Datasync on my dresser, with to-do list, events and phone numbers. It's at least ten years old, but it works perfectly. I really tried to use it for a week or so... It's ridiculous, the screen is too small. A coworker has a T68i phone - as a screensaver, it has a very readable digital clock. Who needs a watch?

    Folks, it's clear Microsoft is flailing: They don't know how to grow their company, so they're charging in all directions and neglecting their core business. They refuse to accept that they can't grow anymore. That phase of their history is over. Any rational management team would recognize that the company was mature, and start paying dividends.

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