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Song Listing and another question

Discussion in 'iPod' started by dukebound85, Dec 26, 2005.

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    Hey all, is there a way to display the songs in alphabetical order when browsing by artist. As in a search by artist and want all the songs to be in alphabetical order by that artist. At the moment, when I do this, the songs seem to be listed in a random fashion.

    Also another question I had is there a way to use the iPod as a portable hard drive without launching itunes? for I routinely transfer documents and word files between macs and pcs while I am in school.

    Thanks for any advice
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    Sure, just click on the thingy that says "Name" in the results pane. The little arrow that you will see after clicking tells you if it's in forward or reverse order. You can do that with any of the columns.
    Yep. First plug in the iPod, let it do its sync thing, then click on the little iPod button at the bottom of the iTunes window. In the dialog that appears, check the "Enable disk use" box. While you are there, also uncheck the "Open iTunes when this iPod is attached" box. You can still launch iTunes by hand if you want to use it normally.
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    Thanks for the response. I should have been more clear which is my fault. What I meant to say was when searching within the iPod itself not in iTunes. Once again thanks
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    (oops, never mind, I thought this was a different thread.)

    So then what you're running into, is when you go into the iPod with Music>Artists>whosie>All, it just displays everything by order within album? Yeah, that's annoying. You can work around it by creating playlists for your favorite artists in iTunes and sorting them the way you like there (the playlists will retain their iTunes sort order in the iPod), but that's certainly an annoying way to deal with things.

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