songs not showing up in itunes from nano

Discussion in 'iPod' started by basil, Jan 6, 2006.

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    Hi guys! I'm a 37 yr. old lady. :D I am so naive to this ipod/itunes stuff...but I am learning! ( slowly )

    When I connect my nano to the pc...shouldn't all the songs I downloaded in the nano show up in itunes? It's weird. The nano says 83. It will say 1 of, I assume that means 1 of 83 songs? Well...I know that I downloaded more songs than that...but I can't find them on the nano. :confused:

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    It should be the other way around. Are you copying songs into your nano in disk mode? You need to use iTunes to sync songs with the nano. You can't actually grab songs off the nano into your iTunes library without the use of third party utilities.

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    be gentle......what's disk mode? :eek:
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    OK, if you don't know what Disk Mode is you're probably not using it, so don't worry!

    How many songs do you have in your iTunes?
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    Over 100.

    Also, I can't find all the songs I thought I put in the nano. The nano shows 1 of 83...or, 2 of 83. I assume that means 1 or 2 of 83 songs?
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    OK - If you're playing a playlist on your iPod it will say something like "2 of 83" - that would mean 83 songs in that playlist. What happens if you go back to the Songs menu on your iPod (keep pressing 'Menu', until you get an option to go to 'Music', then 'Songs'). Playing that will play through all the songs on your iPod. How many does it say now?
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    #7's getting worse! I just got done charging it up and now it says 1 of 53!! Am I loosing songs everytime I connect to the pc? I am so confused! I have 1 playlist on the nano.
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    Open iTunes and open Preferences. Click on 'iPod'. Is your iPod set to "automatically update all songs and playlists" or something else?
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    I have it set to manually manage songs and playlists.
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    Try setting it to auto-update everything (or auto-update certain playlists of your choice) and see what difference that makes.

    (I would be more specific but I don't have my own iPod to hand at the moment, and I don't have it set to manually manage songs!)

    [edited to add:] if you've got just over 100 songs in iTunes then there should be no problem in having it automatically update all songs and playlists; since those tunes won't fill the nano!
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    You've been very patient with me, croshtique. I appreciate it! ;)

    I am going to ask you another silly question...

    Should I have songs listed in iTunes checked or unchecked AFTER the've been updated to the nano?
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    Just leave them checked; there shouldn't be any need to uncheck them.

    (Unless you have selected the option "Only update checked songs" in iPod preferences... but that usually complicates things too much for me!)

    While you're at it, why not have a look at Apple's iPod 101 guide - it should answer all the obvious and easy questions in simple language :)
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    Thank you so much, croshtique! You're a sweetheart. Have a great day!:)

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