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'Sort by' changed

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by amoergosum, Aug 3, 2012.

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    So in Mountain Lion different file types get sorted into groups (devided by lines) if you click on "sort by"...that's new.
    What really annoys me though is another change...when you have a lot of subfolders among other file types for example in a folder and click on 'sort by file type', not all subfolders get displayed. If you want to see all subfolders you have to click on the button in the upper right corner. So if you do that and click on a subfolder, and then go back to the main folder, you have to click on the button in the upper right corner AGAIN in order to view all subfolders.
    How is that an improvement???
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    Apparently I'm the only one who doesn't like this specific change...;)
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    I'm sorry, I have read your post several times and I still don't understand what you are saying :eek:

    Perhaps a screen shot or two would help
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    Was like this in Lion as well. Use "Clean up by kind" instead.
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    Sort By, Clean up By and Arrange By are the most horrible ways of sorting files. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, doesn't behave consistently and seriously, Windows never had any issues with this extremely simple, basic operating system feature. I mean, even WINDOWS got this right! It makes me cry.
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    I think 'Arrange by' is pretty neat. Especially for the downloads folder if you arrange by 'Date added'.
    Or the 'All my files' view arranged by kind and sorted by 'Date last Opened'.
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    One more question >>>
    Where did the image zoom slider in folders go???
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    View-->Show Status Bar
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    Thank you!

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