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sort by 'remixer'

Discussion in 'iPod' started by djsound, Mar 30, 2009.

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    I've always wondered why apple has not made a 'remixed by' sort column in itunes....electronic music takes up a large percentage of music these days and most of it is not original....it is always remixed by someone....would be nice to be able to put that tag on music...

    song name - artist - remixed by =)
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    Probably because it's fairly limited to one genre- electronic- and only a few people would utilize it. I'm not commenting on the merits of having/not having it, though.
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    wouldnt hurt. there are a bunch of other useless ways to sort....like 'kind'......or composer....composer seems to me the same as artist. adding 'remixed by' would not hurt anything. they would not have to take away anything else.....it actually does matter because with electronic music the artist is who created the original then the remixer is who made a different verion....and that remixers name is on every version of that song...would make sense to have it on the ID3 tag..
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    It's not though. Beethoven composed his Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, but the "artist" is usually credited to the conductor/orchestra that records that particular performance.
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    Or take some Best Of compilation by Joe Cocker... that man hardly ever wrote any of the songs he's famous for.

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