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Sound quality issue

Discussion in 'iPod' started by NYR99, Aug 9, 2009.

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    I had a DLO TransDock, and now a Griffin TuneFlex for use in my car. Both these docks are essentially the same. Place iPod in the cradle (CONNECTS VIA DOCK CONNECTION [duh]), then the actual dock connects to the aux in jack on the car stereo.

    This is my question:

    How come when I plug the aux cable directly into the iPod, bypassing the dock, I get better sound quality? When I use the docks (either one) the sound quality suffers a bit. There is a little distortion/crackling in the background, definitely noticeable.

    I was under the impression that using the bottom dock port on the iPod as the audio out, would produce better sound quality then the headphone jack. If anything, the quality should be the same, right?

    Thanks to those who read my lengthy post.
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    Using a better audio cable seemed to make my dock sound better when plugged in. Just a thought.
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    Even if when I use the same cable plugged directly into the iPod I have good quality?

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