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Speaker connect for Ibook g3 700MHZ

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by yoshiii, Mar 21, 2006.

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    Hello while installing the harddrive for a Ibook G3 700MHZ I accidently severed the small solder connection to the speaker wire connector. Can this be fixed by resoldering it or should I take it to a Apple store to have them fix it? If so how much does anyone think it will cost? Would Other World Computing be cheaper?

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    if you feel skilled enough. Personally I would do it myself.
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    So it can be fixed back to the solder on the board than? I have a friend who says he can solder. Any advice on how to do it?
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    Very carefully. :)
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    Depend on how big the solder pads are. if they are tiny then you need a fine tip soldering iron, to put a little bit more solder on, one the iron is heated, melt just a little on to the tip, then run the end of the wire in it.

    place the tip of the soldering iron on the pad that need the cable connecting to melt the solder there, then place the wire on the melted soldier. life away the iron while holding the wire still and in place and with in 10 seconds should be connected

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