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Srt files

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Trinity82, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Can someone recommend to me a player for iPhone that will play srt files? I have tried OPlayer, good player, VLC, Buzz player and many others. I can play mkv files fine with these players, but srt files won't play.
    Please help
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    SRT files need to

    -, with most players, have the same name than that of the main file to be automatically loaded

    - be manually loaded via menus like "Load subtitles".

    BTW, VLC is not only crappy, it doesn't support SRT loading either.
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    BTW, I've decided to write a complete article on this stuff, which will also be of help to you. Stay tuned!
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    Thanks. So what can I do if I have a srt video file? How am I supposed to watch the video?
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    Do you have a separate video file (AVI, MKV etc.)?
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    I am not sure what you mean by separate video file?
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    What video files do you have? You spoke of MKV files. Are they the ones you'd like to see? Then, it's highly possible it also has (an) embedded subtitle stream(s) perfectly watchable with compliant viewers (GoodPlayer, AVPlayer etc.).
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    I have MKV video files which play fine on any player. Then I have srt video files that won't play on anything.
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    "The following are a selection of programs that work with SRT files. Some of them, such as SubRipper, extract subtitles from video to an SRT file. Others, such as VideoLAN VLC, are media players that automatically show subtitles from an SRT file when playing the related video. Use any text editor to view and edit SRT files, or the aptly named "Subtitle Tool" to perform actions like converting framerates or shifting and editing captions.
    Editing: SubCleaner (Mac), SRT2SUP(Win), CyberLink PowerDirector (Win), Subtitle Editor (Linux)
    Creating: D-Subtitler (Mac), SubRipper (Win), OGMRip (Linux)
    Watching: Windows Media Player with VobSub plugin (Win), Media Player Classic (Win), VideoLAN VLC media player (All)"

    Read more: What Is an SRT File? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5066018_srt-file.html#ixzz242Rvm8JR
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    I still don't understand how to watch srt files? So confused.
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    an .srt file contains subtitles of the movie.

    movie.mkv - video file
    movie.srt - subtitle file of "movie.mkv"

    meaning if movie.mkv is not hard subbed, you should include movie.srt in the same folder as .mkv so you can watch the video with subtitles. make sure both files have the same file names.
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    Ok. So let me get this straight:
    MKV files are for watching visually and srt files are just for reading the written dialogue?
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    When I downloaded the file, it gave me the mkv and the srt. I guess I could just delete the srt file? I don't need it.
    Will that erase the mkv file as well?
    What's the point of srt? Who actually reads all that?!
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    The .srt is the subtitles. An .mkv container can hold the subtitles but depending on which type of subtitles they are VOBSub, PGS, etc, they don't always work well. The .srt is a file that somebody already converted for you, spell checked, and edited.

    If you converted that .mkv into an .m4v or .mp4 you could easily add the .srt file using Subler and have subtitles while watching the movie on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

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