SSH Terminal help needed urgently.

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by ketulshah, Feb 27, 2012.

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    Hello guys, I doubt this is classified as a programming discussion or no, but this was the nearest it could get to.

    I want to SSH tunnel into a server through the LAN connection provided by my university. I am successfully being able to do it using PuTTY on Windows but I failed to bypass the proxy server out here using terminal. Mainly, I don't understand the codes needed to be written in the Terminal. PuTTY was very simple to handle and had an ice GUI.
    I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me the command line to use. I read hundreds of pages and saw many videos couldn't get a word out of it.

    PS : The computers connect to the internet here after entering the http and https proxies as, and I basically want to bypass these and set up an SSH tunnel so that I could apply a SOCKS 5 proxy.
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    man ssh

    you're looking to use the -R option

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    You're right, this is not a programming question at all. The sub forum you want is Mac Basic Help :

    Since you haven't provided any information on how you want to make your SOCKS proxy, just know that the command line options you want are -L, -R or -D depending on the type of tunnel you want to make. These should be exactly like PuTTY's in their syntax.

    So let's say under PuTTY you have an entry labeled :

    L3128        localhost:3128
    The syntax would be :

    -L 3128:localhost:3128
    Alternatively, you could just install PuTTY through Macports :
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    I really appreciate the support but I'm still not very clear about the command.
    See I'll tell you what exactly I entered in the PuTTY for bypassing.

    Please tell me what command do I use in the terminal window.

    Thanks again.

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    So it's like I said :

    -D 5555
    It's right there in the man page :

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    What I understood from your previous two posts is the command below:

    Does it mean that it will bypass my proxy of at port 8080 to SOCKS 5 at port 5555, because if it does then it doesn't really work. I get an error, operation timed out.
    Please correct me.
    Thanks a ton for the posts. BOWS.
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    You didn't quite read my posts there. You can't use both -L and -D at the same time on the same local port (5555). And your -L arguments do the opposite of what you want.

    Again, read this sentence carefully, it should answer your question :

    So going by your screenshot, you want -D 5555. That's it.

    ssh -D 5555
    That will do exactly the same thing as your PuTTY does.

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