SSH via Cable?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by RobLikesBrunch, Sep 19, 2008.

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    Is there anyway to "SSH" (not sure if this term is appropiate when doing it via cable?) via cable? VLC player just came out for the iPhone...and it's great because I don't have to convert videos anymore...but wirelessly adding them to my iPhone is slower than converting them and then adding there anyway to add files via cable?
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    NVM, I figured it out. :)
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    Tell us what you figured out!:D
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    Since i've been doing some work on my phone at work i have not been able to SSH into it. Wifi is against company policy, so i had to think of something. After some research on the net i came accross a utitliy called iphone_tunnel. This application basically maps over a port to your local pc. So since SSH is running on port 22 it will map it over to your local pc and then you SSH into your local ip

    Note your phone needs to be jailbroken and have SSH running otherwise you cant SSH to your phone.

    Let me explain a with more detail.

    Step 1.

    First go and grab the files neccesary here.


    Step 2.

    Go ahead and extract the content of the rar file.


    Step 3

    Start a dos command window and browse over to the directory where you extracted your rar file. In my case this is at c:\iphone then run this command "iphone_tunnel.exe 22 22" without the quotes. This will start the tunneling service.


    Step 4.

    Launch your client, we're usingn WinSCP found in out files section. In the host name enter ip then click login and wait.


    Step 5.

    When it prompts you for the user name put in "root"


    When it prompts you for password enter "alpine"


    You should now be able to browse your iphone content.


    source article
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    There's an easy way (easier than that, at least) to do this on Mac too... Hm, methinks a how-to thread is in order for this.
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