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Stand included with iPod touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by JHacker, Sep 5, 2007.

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    So I ordered my 16gb iPod touch :D And was looking at the tech specs. It comes with:

    In the box
    iPod touch
    USB 2.0 cable
    Dock adapter
    Polishing cloth
    Quick Start guide

    So what is the Stand? Is it like a dock?
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    I am thinking that it will be like a dock. The one question I have is I am wondering if I can use the power adapter from my 4G iPod for my new iPod Touch?
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    I have a 4g iPod too and was wondering the same thing. I'm guessing yes, but if not, I have my Hi-Fi, and my computer's not too much of a hassle to charge with.
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    If you look at the pictures of the iPod touch at the Apple, there is one with a clear plastic stand it rests in horizontally. I don't think the stand is a dock, just something to place the iPod Touch in for displaying or watching movies, etc.
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    I'm guessing the stand is just a stand, otherwise they'd just call it a dock.

    Besides, they include a dock adapter, for use with the universal dock I presume. Which leads me to believe that if you can charge the iPod touch from the universal dock, then you must be able to charge it using existing power adapters, like you can with the 5G iPod. They must all have the same charging/synching port.

    Just my logic, so don't flame me!
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    Eric Lewis

    found it

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    Yesss, that is so cool! I have a dock for my 4g, but it's not universal. I'm glad it comes with the dock adapter so I can use my hi-fi though.

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