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Startup Disk Control Panel in Windows does not Show Mac OS X Partition!

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by blasto333, Apr 7, 2006.

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    When I am in windows and want to change the startup disk, it does not show Mac OS X, in fact it does not show anything. The only way I can switch to the OS X partition is holding option on startup and then select Mac OS X.

    Does anyone else notice this in Windows XP?


    Chris Muench
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    this is a good thing...not a bad thing. There seperated systems, and have nothing to do with each other since their paritioned (well at least in windows)

    So OS X knows it's there and windows doesn't...meaning anything virus related will stay in the windows parition
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    WinXP can't see nonWindows partitions without a third party application.
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    The startup disk control panel in windows xp is a third party application made by apple. (At least I did not see it in my friends regular XP install on a non-mac)
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    I don't have that problem.

    On my XP (using Boot Camp on a MBP), the Startup Disk program in the Control Panel shows MAC OS X. I had to use it to make it the default, otherwise when I reboot from XP, it reboots back into XP (which isn't what I want it to do).

    No clue what to do if it doesn't show it on yours. :(
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    Could you post a screenshot of what your startup disk control panel looks like in windows? (Or just describe what you see)

    BTW: I have an intel iMac 20' 256mb video card
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    When you installed XP, did you tell it to nuke the whole disk when it asked for formatting? (I'm not sure how XP installs, but 2kPro ignores all previously placed partition tables unless you tell it to)
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    I think I choose format as NTFS quick. Do you think it could have anything to do with having the onmac.net bootloader on my machine? I did do an erase and did GUID partition scheme.
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    Can someone else check their startup disk control panel and tell me exactly what they see. Also let me know if you previously had XOM installed and had to erase your disk to get bootcamp running.


    This is what Startup Disk looks like for me:

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    thank goodness
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    blasto - my Startup Disk looks exactly the same as yours. imac 17 core duo, and I can't get it to work, only way to boot osX is to do the Option on startup.

    I did not have the onmac.net stuff on my imac prior to using Boot Camp. so, I did my install precisely the way the Apple install guide suggested.
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    I am glad someone else has the problem, because I thought the onmac.net might of had something to do with it.
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    had the same problem

    unfortunately, to correct the problem, i had to reinstall xp

    #1: XP with SP2 (i'm assuming that's what you have)
    #2: Format xp partition in FAT
    #3: Mac Drive 6 (very important: updates)

    Then you should be able to see all the drives, and select the ones you want to boot into. In addition, you should be able to modify the contents of the drives in both OSX and XP (the OSX drive being called by default "Macinstosh HD" and XP "NO NAME" when in OSX and "Local Drive" in XP).

    Hope that helps

    you shouldnt worry too much about viruses, just install the windows updates, and then disable internet when you dont need it (in my case: shut down the wireless).
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    I would choose FAT but I think there is a storage limit of 32gb and my windows partition is 60gb.

    I can live without that tool if I have to reformat.


    Chris Muench
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    Yeah I'm not sure why they put a 32gb limit to it? That's the main reason I chose NTFS instead. Strange! But let's remember, this is why it's BETA software. :) There's bound to be anomolies and bugs. Added to the fact that it's running Windows which has enough problems not conflicting with itself everytime you ask it to do somthing :D ;)
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    So that I'm not confused, ... the 32GB limitation (hence the name FAT32) is that of Microsoft and has nothing to do with Apple's Boot Camp (beta), right? :confused:

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