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Steve Jobs using a Dell...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by obeygiant, Oct 17, 2003.

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    Has anyone seen this yet?
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    Yep, thats Steve. Id like to say the pic looks authentic, but it just smells of photoshop from the quality and the angle discrepansies between his face and the screen .

    Here is a picture of Steve Jobs:

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    It's real. It's from the iTMS for Windows presentation on Thursday. He demoed iTunes for Windows...well, using a Windows machine.

    What's the big deal?
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    Steve looks weird unshaven.
    just thought i'd point that out...

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    Powerbook G5

    He's been unshaved for a while, though. It's almost like a trademark "Steve thing"...that, and the turtlenecks...
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    Yeah, thats when "Hell Froozr Over".......
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    Well it only makes sense that Jobs would use a PC to demo iTunes for Windows.
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    Man, I guess I was wrong. I was kind of hinting to its fakeness by the fact that he is using a Dell monitor instead of...well...any other monitor he could have possibly chosen.

    But, I guess whats done is done.

    (by the way, I never saw the iTMS for windows presentation)
  9. dho
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    That is going to give me nightmares:(

    The question is what do they do with the dell after the keynote.
    seeing it in a trash compactor would be cool.:D

    edit: I dont dislike pc's THAT much just to clarify:)
  10. dho
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    One would think that he would use an IBM
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    okay, the shot was not an accident, so little is with steve-- i'll bet he did it as an ironic joke. dell and jobs have had a little rivalry going for a while, and i think Jobs regards this as a huge opportunity to gain switchers. So it's poetic justice that it should be shown to the world on a dell, the PC maker he hates most...

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    the image is featured in the SF Chronicle (at least online), but I am pretty sure the DELL logo has been doctored in...
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    dropping it off of a roof or abusing it beyond all recognition with baseball bats is always awesome.

    I bet Jobs either kept it or donated it to somewhere.
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    Look at the presentation stream one more time. It's a Dell, folks. There's no problem with that. They used a Dell with Xeon processors to demo the performance of the G5 against PCs. And I agree with Paul. Also, it's an indelible image, the sort of thing Steve would find funny.
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    Powerbook G5

    If I were Steve, I'd have slapped a nice big Apple sticker onto the back of the Dell.
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    I just didn't see the logo on the screen in the presentation...but then I didn't watch the whole thing either...

    The image is pretty cool, actually. I can almost hear Steve say: "Here I come, Dell. Resistance is futile"
  17. Sol
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    A thought for Windows users everywhere...

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    I wonder if this conversation ever took place...

    *phone rings*
    Michael Dell: Hello, thank you for calling Dell how can I help you today?
    Steve Jobs: Hey Mike it's Steve-o, I need to place an order.
    MD: I'm sorry, who?
    SJ: Steve Jobs... from Apple. I need to place an order.
    MD: No, seriously, who is this.
    SJ: I'm Steve Jobs.
    MD: C'mon. Yer pullin' my leg.
    SJ: No, I'm not. I need to buy a PC.
    MD: Is this you Bill?
    SJ: No, this really is Steve Jobs from Apple. Why don't you believe me?
    MD: Okay, haha funny guy. You almost had me going there. As much as I'd like to keep playing this game I've got a business to run and competitors to undercut. *click*
    SJ: Hello? Micheal? Heeelllllllooooo?

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    Using a DELL was probably a deliberate move... simply because DELL hasn't even shown off their musicmatch branded store yet (live) that they have announced. Instead, Steve using their own hardware showed another music store running. Nice jab.
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    Someone in another thread pointed out a good reasoning behind the Dell: Steve gave great publicity to the competitor that would benefit from it the least. Dell already has a stranglehold on their market, the free publicity isn't going to help them much.

    PS: Steve used a PC notebook for freaking ever, up until (I THINK) the G4 Powerbooks came out. I mean think about it, he founded and ran NeXT and even they dropped PPC for Intel (and then died, EXACTLY like Be, Inc, did.)

    And I'm pretty sure Steve's PC notebook was a Thinkpad.
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    wrc fan

    NeXT never actually ran on PPC, it only ran on the Motorola 68040 chips, before switching to x86
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    Of course Steve uses a Dell, his own hardware is way too slow to be productive.

    Apple users only think about their design, they always forgot you also need to be productive.

    If Steve was smart he would release OSX for x86-platform, then we wouldn't need the extremely slow Apple hardware and we would get the best of both worlds.

    Why buy an Apple when you can have Dell which is 5 times faster?
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    Ha Ha you! nice try feeble weeble:p
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    You are new here arn't you?
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    i feel it was definately a deliberate move on jobs' part. I think it was pretty damn smart. With dell coming out with their own copies of itunes and the ipod, i think this is kind of a tuant. Also Dell's obviously the biggest name in pc's, and if it runs on a dell people will realize it will run on their pc. I dont think ANYONE will see this and think "oh boy, he's got a dell, if it's good enough for steve, it's good enough for me." Also, obviously he could have gotten some no name box, and a no name monitor that would have done the job just as well, this was a nice stab at Dell. I normally hate Jobs' but this i give him credit for, i think it's pretty funny to show up with their competitors computer.

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