Stickies app's "StickiesDatabase" file location on Time Machine - where?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by volcom883, Jan 12, 2013.

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    imagine you lost accidentally deleted an important note on your stickies app. you assume that you can get the note back from your time machine? well, you cant! (unless you restore the whole time machine back up!)

    but it looks like time machine doesnt backup stickiesdatabase file which is located in my computer's library folder. i can see it its there but when i go to the exact location in time machine its not there!

    on my TM in the same library folder there are also some other folders missing! this proves that time machine doesnt back everything up..

    i dont really understand though, if i did a complete restore im %99 i'd get my stickies notes back!

    i tried to see if it was a hidden file or not, apparently its not.

    could anyone prove me wrong?
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    I have also noticed the same thing on certain files. Like the iTunes backup of your iPhone or iPad. I have been using CCC to backup my user folder daily and it seems to retain those files. So I guess having multiple backup schemes is better off.
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    Funny you should bring this up. I am a big fan of handling my own backups using an advanced file comparison utility. I have an external hard drive that the mac was having trouble writing to. It worked to port my data to the mac, so then I formatted it and am letting time machine to run a backup, just as a test.

    My first question about time machine was relating to stickies and I found this post.

    Ive only been using my mac for a few days but already the stickies are everywhere. I took everything else off the dashboard.

    The first solution I thought of was a manual backup of sorts, just taking a screenshot. I was even wondering if I could set automater to run this routinely. Just an idea..
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