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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by crazydreaming, Dec 28, 2005.

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    I don't know if anyone else has ever had this problem, but it's driving me nutts. The trackpad button has done this once before where it would be real loud when you click it. There's a lot of play in it and sometimes clicks twice but only the second click registers... it's hard to explain.

    The first time this happened it went awhile after a days use. However, now it's doing it again and it's been a few days now and it's so anoying!

    I think I'm going to have to give applecare a call :(
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    ok maybe this isn't a very common problem.

    Dear apple, please send me a new powerbook because my trackpad is broken :D
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    All they need to do is replace the palmrest/trackpad. Take it in to be looked at, no biggie.
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    ooook. I guess that's what I'm gonna have to do, but I tell ya, I'm getting tired of dealing with the slow service at the genious bar everytime my powerbook breaks.
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    Happened with my PB (Feb 05 1.67GHz 15" model) a couple of months after I bought it. I felt like I was fighting the trackpad button - the sound it made wasn't so much a click as a "crunch", with the feel of the springs (or whatever is under the surface :) ) violently contorting as if I was making it do something it didn't want to. :eek:

    Then one day the problem just went away of its own accord. :)
    And came back the next day. :mad:
    Then went away. :)
    And so on for a couple of weeks.

    Then a miracle - the problem went away permanently, with no recurrence in the past eight months or so, such that when I took in my PB this week for repair (lower memory slot dead, white spots on LCD), I didn't even need to mention this long-forgotten issue.

    So what am I trying to say... sure, take it in, get it checked out, but it's just possible that it might resolve itself anyway...
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    Thanks for sharing your experience. Mine seems very similar to what you described. I think I'll still take it in though because it's been doing this for like 4 days now and I'm really getting tired of it... Who knows when it's going to fix itself.
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    It's been a long time since I originally started this thread and the problem is still occuring. Sometimes it is worse than others.

    Today I took it into the Apple Store Genius Bar. It wasn't in one of it's 'worse' stages, and the genius said it is just normal breaking in and it's better this way... Hmmm... I prefer the tight, quiet clicking of a brand new powerbook...
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    i've been experiencing this same problem intermittently since i got my powerbook this past august. recently, however, i seem to have come up with a cure. all it involves is finding something thin and rigid and wedging it into the space between the trackpad button and the trackpad itself. generally i'll use my fingernail. either way, once i have something wedged gently into that gap, i slide it back and forth along the length of the trackpad. and that's about it. has worked pretty consistently for me.
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    yesterday, out of nowhere, my Macbook Pro started showing this problem. It sounds worse when i havnt touched the button in a few minutes, then when i go to hit it its initially stiffer when a strange crunch noise like yall describe. I really hope i dont have to take this to get fixed, but its soo annoying.
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    I know! :eek:

    If you do take it in, be persitant and let me know how you make out... As I have not been successful.
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    Well, i wont be able to send it in for a week and a half, but when i get back home, I'm def going to get it taken care of. Im not going to have bought a $2000 laptop to have the button start sticking and making noise 2 weeks after recieving it.
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    I have this prob too. Very annoying.

    Took my 17" G4 pbook to genius bar and the guy said they'd replace the top case completely. Didn't have any idea what causes the problem, hadn't seen it before. I'm covered by an extended AppleCare so there'd be no cost BUT since I don't have ProCare, he said he could only guarantee a 10 day turn-around. I can't have that right now, so no dice for the moment.

    HOWEVER, I did have ok result as advised above, by slipping the edge of a post-it btwnn button & track pad and sliding it back & forth. the stickyness still comes back, but at least I can get rid of it.

    (BTW I did try cleaning under the mouse springs via through the battery case, but that didn't make any diffence)
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    I too am having this problem with my MacBook Pro, it started a few days ago, luckily I tend to use my mouse more so I don't here it as much.

    I've also discovered that running somethingaround the button stops the problem, but only temporarily.

    I'm contemplating sending it in this summer when I get out of school, but can't stand being without my Mac for a week or so.

    Anyone had any luck with solving the problem?
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    FIXED! Snapping Powerbook Button

    I believe I have fixed my PowerBook G4 17 "snapping" trackpad button. The button on this computer always worked perfect. After I changed out the 80GB hard drive to a 250, I noticed that the trackpad button was snappy and seemed to be not operating as it always did.

    While preparing this PowerBook for resale I removed the battery and dug deeper into the problem of the button. I gently pushed and pulled and pried, testing the result of each action.

    The snapping problem resulted in a clunky feel, the button would go down halfway and snap, if pushed further it would then engage the actual switch.

    I noticed that if I pried up on one of the the leaf springs just slightly (with a 1/16th" jewelers flat blade screwdriver) and operated the button the problem went away. I fashioned some sections of heat shrink tubing cutting the tubing into flat pieces (similar to a piece of electrical tape) and slid them between the trackpad chassis and the leaf springs. Doing this pulls the button down lower in the chassis closer to the switch. Now with the perfect amount of thumb pressure the button snaps down and engages the switch without the errant and clunky feel that it had before. It's like new! Please see photos in my album:

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