Strange Problems i my program!

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by saleh.hi.62, Dec 10, 2011.

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    Hello guys,

    here is a part of my program, its job is to Extract the links. it has some errors !

    especially currentWebsite method in scheduler method does not work! its exceptional.

    guys if you can help me, thanks

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    Exceptionable would be a better word.

    You should at least bother to explain what errors you are observing, the expected outcome, current result and what you have tried.
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    What's the exact problem?

    I did open the code in Xcode but don't know what to look for. What exactly is the problem?
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    Please read this and follow it's advice. Maybe for the next few threads you start you should walk through each bullet point and check off that you've done each one. It will dramatically improve your ability to get help, and will keep others from tearing out their own hair in frustration.
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    Guys, you're supposed to slog through the code and fix everything so that it works then upload the fixed code so OP can continue!

    Never mind that you have no idea what the OP is trying to accomplish!

    Seriously though OP, you can't just dump a zip of files with no explanation and demand help....
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    thank you guys, but the problem is i cant detect what is the problem, if i could at least i could tell you , for example using CURRENTWEBSITE method, i did everything right but still it does not work!
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    You can't honestly expect.......

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    I think I will make a copy of this site, and whenever I hear of anyone wanting to outsource work to India to save some money, I will show him that the "developers" there can't even use Google but have to ask on MacRumors for help.

    He does.

    Can you see how you are contradicting yourself here? And if you did everything right, how would anyone be able to help you?
  9. GorillaPaws, Dec 11, 2011
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    if you don't know "what is the problem" how do you even know there is a problem. You're posting your question on a forum, so you must realize that obviously something isn't working. So whatever it is that is making you realize that you should create a new thread on Macrumors, that is the thing/behavior that you should be providing as much information as you possibly can. Describe what you're expecting to happen, describe what actually does happen (what warnings/errors/etc. get generated). Does your code crash? does it get stuck in an infinite loop with the beach ball spinning forever? Be very specific. What steps have you tried to fix things, how did they work out? What are your assumptions? What terms have you searched for in Google?

    If you can't be bothered to take the time to provide basic $%@ing information, how can you possibly expect others to solve your problems for you? It seems like you think of the Macrumors programming community as a source of free programming support. If you'd taken the time to read the article I linked I think you would realize where you've gone wrong.

    If you can't be bothered to research questions and provide the useful background information, perhaps you should seriously consider hiring a professional programmer to help solve your problems for you. This is an amazing group of people who have given me a lot of terrific advice over the years, and helped me learn a tremendous amount. They are very charitable with their time, so you should extend them the courtesy of keeping your end of the bargain, namely providing as much helpful info up front when asking others for help.
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    My fear is that this is not advice that should go to saleh, but advice for his employer.

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