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stringing apple internal modems in OS X?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by matthutch, Mar 14, 2005.

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    hey everyone i was wondering if anyone knows of a way to string an apple internal modem in either OS X or OS 9?

    i work at an ISP and was wanting to know how, if possible, this can be done. Any of help on this would be great thanks
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    I was hoping someone more knowledgeable than me would answer this as I'm sure I'm way out of my depth here, but in the hope that it just may help, have you tried setting the PPP options (I'm talking OS X here). I've attached a screen grab of the dialog box I'm thinking of...
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    thanks for the reply, i have tried that but i was after the ability to string for specific modem strings, like you can do in windows. ie

    +ms=v34,,,,,28800 or something like that to force the modem to connect at a slower speed then it would like to stop the modem from dropping out.

    as far as i know it cant be done but thought it might be worth a try
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    looks like it is it, thanks for that i am going to look through them when i get home from work


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