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Studio Setups!!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Skibrett3211, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Any one have cool studio setups??

    My dream setup, hopefully soon!!

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    Looks awesome, I love the lava lamp. :D
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    Looks a bit out of date.
    A clamshell iBook!
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    You have me beat, but then again my "studio" is also my university dorm room and I DJ, not produce :p
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    lol Yeah, that pic is from 2002 and may have been taken before that. I noticed that as well but also can tell from some of the other equipment it's a few years old...
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    It is not as nice as the OP, but it is very portable^^

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    Mines a sma-huge mess at the moment;

    2006 iMac and 2008 Macbook
    20" external display, apple keyboard, Razer mouse, Xbox controller
    Realistic EQ, some Sony amp, Rega and Wharfedale speakers
    Roland and M-Audio (I think?) keyboard
    Gibson SG guitar and Zoom GFX pedal
    Wacom tablet, HP scanner/printer
    Lots of paper.
    Perfect for a small indie game studio!
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    Hey nice setup!

    I am constructing a portable setup myself. But a little larger/beefier. A 49 key keyboard I just bought. Drumpad that is on the way.

    And hopefully I can pickup a Digidesign Mbox 2 soon for pro tools
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    I posted these in the "My Set Up" thread but...its my studio set up too!

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    yeah that picture is older, but its just a basis of what my finish studio will look like. My current for portable studio is in my spare bedroom while i'm still in school to become a sound engineer.

    All of the other studios on here are sweet though!!
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    For some, that would be a plus. I loved those. :)

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