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stuffit 11

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Claytoniss, Oct 24, 2007.

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    anyone having any issues with using this. Lately it hasn't seemed to be working on my machines. It keeps shutting down before the stuff (.sitx) is complete. I am running mp and 2 g5ppc. Same issues on most of them.
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    Sitx files are the most unreliable files I can think of to send out... unless you're sending them to someone who is using OS9 and even then .sit is much more reliable.

    If I have to email or FTP some large files, I either zip them preserving the resource-forks, or if I know they're going to a Mac OS X user, I make a compressed disk image of the project folder by dragging the folder onto the Disk Utility icon in my dock. Disk images preserve everything just so, including fonts and their resource forks.
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    I was using Stuffit 11 up until about a week ago and was having no issues, however Stuffit 12 has been released now and that's working just as well, maybe it's time to upgrade...
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    Never thought of using disk image. Good to know, I think I will just scratch stuffit from now on. I know none of our printers use anything but the latest upgrades..,etc. Disk image it is. Velvet you rock!
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    :D :eek:

    Put Disk Image utility in your dock, and if you're using Tiger upwards, drag a folder onto it and the Save dialogue box and compressed option are automatically opened and selected. Easy as pie...

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