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stupidest questions from PC users

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by werepillow, Sep 1, 2006.

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    I've seen a great stupid questions thread by tazo, but it's been closed. What is the stupidest question/story you have?

    For me, easy. Got the Mac Book, and my friend asked me why i would get a laptop that only worked when I connected it to another computer...
    I brought him over to my house to show him that it did work w/out any assistance. He brought out a CD-R, and told me that i could'nt get any of the songs from it. I put it in, and imported every one into itunes, and copied some of my synched songs on to his CD-R. He asked me why I would get it if I could not get games for it because it has no video card. I told him that's why I have an alienware desktop. He called me a hypocrite, and bought the mac book a month later... :confused:

    He's much better w/ pc's then I am, but i kick his MicroAss on a mac any day, at least I converted him.:D
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    I can't stand ignorant Windows users. They say the stupidest things sometimes and it makes me think "Why would anyone even say that?"
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    I bought my mini at Best Buy. Picked up a 17" lcd, too. Paid, and went to leave when the security geek checked my reciept. I had display under one arm, mini in the other and he says, "where is the computer?"!:eek:
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    On a different (local) forum, I asked whether the DVD players sold here are region-free by law or convenience (Apple's aren't, so I wanted to find out whether I could complain). Despite having asked a question about legality, one Windows user piped up with "that's what you get for having a Mac!"

    A different member then posted this: :)

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    Which is the best anti-virus? :p :D

    I've converted 3 people to Mac :cool: !
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    Gah, I hate windoze users who've never seen a mac before!

    Some of them ask the sales reps why it's so different and they reply that IT'S A MAC DAMMIT!
    So they (PC morons) go "So how does it wok if it doesnt have windoze"

    Aargh, I cant believe the arrogance of PC users LIVING IN THEIR LITTLE BUBBLES free of all other OSes! They must honestly be shot!
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    I always laugh when they try and tell me that my PowerBook can't talk to any Cisco kit, as it "doesn't have Telnet". They're still denying it after I've plugged into their network and reconfigured all their routers onto SSH.

    To which they can't connect, because Windows.....:D
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    Wheres the Start Button? (on OS X, that is)
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    weird. everyone i meet loves my mac. no stupid comments nor questions.

    really. never ever.

    that's a great story.
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    Slightly alarmingly, I once caught our conference suite manager telling a delegate that he couldn't connect his PowerBook by VGA to the internal projection system as 'it didn't connect to Macs'. Not that she has the slightest clue what she's talking about...
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    Jaffa Cake

    According to a visitor to our studio a while back, our Macs use 'different internets' from PCs. Fancy that, eh? :rolleyes:
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    I hate all those different internets.
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    Jaffa Cake

    Indeed. Like a big series of tubes, so they are...
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    I once saw on Usenet someone ask about the special type of hard drives used by Macs. This was only a few years ago, and Macs were using standard IDE drives at the time and had been for a while.

    To be fair, though, many Mac users are similarly clueless when it comes to PCs.
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    Most people that I encounter are completely clueless about computers anyway.
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    I can't wait to move - get me a bigger tube...
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    More true than anything else.
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    Whoa, that's a reversed argument. I always thought the argument went the other way! :D

    ...Well, sans the violence, of course.

    And I've encountered my fair share of "pointed questions" about why I use a Macintosh. My main response is, "Because I can." and leave it at that. I don't feel the need to deal with confrontation or justify my choice in computing platform. As though it were a major life-altering decision or something... though I do find it amusing when I'm told what I can't do on a Macintosh.
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    At my College a number of the teachers ask "Do people still use Macs?"
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    I need to get better at handling those situations like that. When I get asked the question, I just want to tear their head off... but seriously, it just makes me want to go into a huge argument since I am so passionate about Macs. But I think your "because I can" comment is good enough. :)
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    Where can I find these internets? :D
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    Yeah, I <3 the "because i can" thing. lots of ppl @ school says macs ae gay just 'coz they look cool! I hate it.

    But some people really dont know about other OSes:eek: and they cant comprehend something as different as the mac OS!
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    On a giant dump truck
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    Electro Funk

    i just hate the slow ones... the fast ones i dont mind... :p
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    HEY! i got a pneu-mail!

    i know what you guys are talking about, some people are just SO STUPID! what i really hate is when salespeople are dumb, and yet I get turned down for the job that they are screwing up!!! You know because i'm under 18, that means i have no idea about computers. :mad:

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