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Superdrive for the CUBE!!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Flowbee, Mar 26, 2003.

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    Wow... I think this is great news...


    Expected to start shipping April 2. $449.

    The new MCE DVD-R "SuperDrive" upgrade for the Power Mac G4 Cube allows Cube owners to author professional-quality DVDs as well as create, store, and share their collections of videos, music and photography. Plus, the fast, highly reliable drives are compatible with most computer and set-top DVD video players and other DVD burners ? so video and data DVDs created using these drives can be shared with business associates, friends, and family.

    Install it yourself or have the MCE DVD-R "SuperDrive" upgrade professionally installed into your PowerMac G4 Cube at one of our worldwide MCE Authorized upgrade centers, and you'll be able to easily record up to 4.7GB of data, video or audio onto recordable DVD discs right from your Power Mac G4 Cube.


    -- 1x DVD-R recorder
    -- Convenient slot-loading mechanism
    -- 2MB Cache Buffer
    -- Buffer underrun protection
    -- Bootable
    --Compatible with iDVD 3*, DVD Studio Pro, iTunes, Disc Burner and Apple DVD Player

    **While MCE has independently tested and verified compatibility of this product with iDVD 3, Apple Computer, Inc. does not officially support the use of iDVD 3 with "non-factory installed" SuperDrives.
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    With it mounted verticle it would be butt slow... but to each his own.
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    Why would that make any difference?
  5. acj
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    Sheesh, a 2.4X superdrive for my cube is $225. That's an almost 5X better deal :). Apple needs a new cube like the shuttle PCs...
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    Re: $450???

    Well, of course, anyone can plug a firewire drive into their cube for less money... I figured we all new this already.

    This new Cube superdrive is internal (reducing desk clutter) and works with iDVD. To me, that makes it worth the money.
  7. acj
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    I'm talking internal, but I'm just being abastard and talking about my PC. It's the size of a cube on it's side, but it takes desktop components so they're cheap. It even works with a Radeon 9800, two raided hard drives, and the 3.06 P4. This is good to me, because if it can be done on a PC, think what they could manage to do on a Mac.
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    i have one of those shuttle XPC's... it doesn't compare at all to a cube! its sooooo fricken loud its annoying. I can't leave it on over night. While its cool I can put any desktop component in there, it puts out a lot of heat... I saw it get to 150 degrees one night after playing games for a few hours!! All in all, i'm not really too happy with it..
  10. acj
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    Mine is silent

    The older shuttles were very loud, the new ones are better, but I replaced the main fan in mine and it's nearly silent. There's tons of forum discussions about this at sudhian.com. In fact it will run without the main fan if you are not gaming (Intel version only, not AMD). Stock they are not perfect, modified they are better, but they still have a ways to come. That said, software aside, I find it vastly superior to a cube.
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    hmm well I have the SB51G, its the newest Intel one with 845GE chipset. It's not the main fan thats loud (I replaced it, and it made no difference) It's the power supply fan that gets really loud.
  12. acj
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    This is not the forum, and this is getting more and more off topic, but my PSU fan is quiet. When I get into heavy processing it may speed up some, and I don't have much in my computer which helps, and my video card is fanless which also helps (I needed dual monitors so the built in one wasn't good enough). Like I said, they're not perfect, but mine is very quiet. Much more so than my room mates Quicksilver dual 866, which is quieter than our friends MDD dual 1.25. I have the SB51G too. By the way, has yours ever locked up? Mine's never, but I do turn my computer off at night (why waste power?).

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