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Suppressing "move to trash" modal dialog

Discussion in 'iPod' started by jw2002, Aug 12, 2009.

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    When I delete a podcast in iTunes, it always asks

    Is there a way to suppress this dialog or force iTunes to always move deleted items to the trash? The dialog is kind of pointless because the delete operation (whether keeping in folder or moving to trash) is safe. A deleted item can't be permanently lost until the user actually empties the trash.

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    Isn't there a box you can tick? That says something like "Do not ask me again"?
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    Nope, it's totally modal and unavoidable in a Microsoft way. The only choices provided are three buttons: cancel, keep file, and move to trash. No check boxes or other configurable items appear in the dialog. I even tried shift modifiers, such as shift+del, option+del, etc, to see if that would bring up a more advanced dialog, but still no dice. It's puzzling why this little corner of itunes is like this...
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    I'd like to know too.

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