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Switcher Question

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mattroberts, Nov 8, 2003.

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    Hey there!

    I just got my brand new PB:)

    BUt i'm having a heck of a time transfering my files over from my PC Everytime i copy a folder full of my photos or emails over when i open them on the MAC there's nothing there !?! any idea and what i'm missing?

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    Odd. I xfer files between my mac and pc w/o a problem. What format are your pix and e-mail in?

    BTW, congrats on yer brand new PB! :)

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    how are you transferring them?
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    what format are the PC files you are copying over, what's their file extension?
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    they are mostly jpegs.

    and some vcards....

    I'm transferring over the network in my home.....

    It hasn't had any trouble with PDF's so i'm semi-sure that its not the networks fault.... but i'm not sure

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    once these files are on your mac, do they have proper icons? or just white squares? when you try to open one, what is the error you get?
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    thats whats strange i get nothing in the folders

    And when i go to get information about the folder under size it keeps say calculating size......

    any thoughts?

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    and what happens if you copy a single jpeg for example over, does that work ok?
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    that works fine...... but its a no go by folder.

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    ok, very odd. what way are you copying these files? Conncting to from the PC to the Mac, or the from the Mac to the PC. Whatever way round you are trying at the moment, give it a go the other way round.
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    If you can go one at a time then do it that way. Open up the folder you want to transfer and select all. Then move them into a new folder created on the Mac. A little bit of a pain but solves the probelm.

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