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Phones Switching back from S3...

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Honza, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Honza, Jul 25, 2012
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    I was really itching to try Android and having a hard time waiting until the fall, so I bought a Galaxy S3 a week ago. Now that the honeymoon has worn off, I find myself getting frustrated with some things and missing the iPhone. I'm not against Android, in fact, I love some aspects of it. But both sides represent a trade off, and since I'm slightly torn between the two, I think the iPhone might be better. Android users, feel free to add any suggestions, as I am new to the system and perhaps don't understand it fully.

    1. A general gripe - I accept a certain amount of tinkering with my phone, and I certainly enjoy it more than the average person. But beyond a certain level of tinkering I just get frustrated and expect things to work. That's what I miss most about the iPhone. For example, I have my music uploaded to google, so I thought I'd just use the Google Play app. First, this doesn't work with voice control. Second, it had glitches like repeating songs over and over in a playlist in no order (repeat wasn't on; shuffle was). Or I was in a random playlist, and it hit a Beach Boys song, and then would only play Beach Boys after that. So then I have to look for a third party music player. This situation has happened over and over with different things. I need 3rd party apps on iOS for a few things, but I feel like the apps are more polished and work better.

    2. Notifications - After hearing how much better Android notifications are, I was surprised that I hate this the most out of everything. Notifications do not show up in the lockscreen unless I manually pull down the notifications screen, which obviously doesn't work if there's a security lock on the phone. The screen also doesn't light up when I get a notification. I know there's an LED, but if I have 50 apps with notifications, one blinking light isn't a good solution to help me know what's going on (Morse code anyone?). So I now have to turn the phone on and swipe down to find out the notification instead of just looking at the phone. Also, I want to be able to know instantly what app is notifying me, AND what it is saying (e.g. the first line of the email and sender, sms message, etc.). Also, I want to be able to control what apps give me notifications. All of this was so nicely done on the iPhone.

    3. Text Selection - I loved how iOS did this. Double tap on a word to select it, double tap and drag to select a larger selection. Option for copy, paste, etc. comes right up. On android I am unable to select a larger selection without just first selecting a word and then dragging the handles. On iOS it was just one gesture to do that. I'm sure android has this too. Also, I used the touch + hold for the magnifying glass to place the cursor all the time on iOS, and I don't know how to get similar functionality on android. I can get that blue handle and drag it around (after several tries), but it just seems less elegant.

    4. Keyboards - I don't care if you can change your keyboard out, I still hate typing on the ones I've tried. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

    5. Complexity - I thought I would like having a file system and things like that, but it is a marginal benefit and in some cases makes things worse. Much harder, for example, to add a kindle book from dropbox to the kindle app. I guess I underestimated the usefulness of the "open in..." on iOS.

    6. Miscellaneous - Some of the photos I take will be out of order in the camera roll. Not having them in chronological order bugs me. I spent 20 minutes trying different apps to get a scrolling wallpaper from a nice panoramic photo I took, and was unsuccessful (which is a GS3 issue I think). I miss the silent switch on the exterior of the iPhone, and knowing that when you have that switch flipped, no sounds will come out of the phone (unless you play media directly). I was in "silent" mode on Android and pulled up a game thinking that it would be muted but it was not (got me in trouble :). While battery life is better now than when I first got it, the GSii3 still has under 15% at the end of a normal day. Sometimes I run out. My iPhone 4 always has more than 50% at the end of a day (yeah yeah it doesn't have a big screen, but I don't care. If you sell a phone, make sure it lasts). Temple run is sometimes skippy. WTH, I get a brand new dual core phone and it can't handle Temple Run? I want the graphics to blow my mind if it's a two year newer phone. I also like the Mail app on iOS. I like how gmail works on android, but again, I need another app if I want exchange accounts and such. Last but not least, there are a few apps that aren't available on android, like Cyclemeter and Carcassonne.

    Now for the things I like about android:

    Nice screen - I definitely wish Apple would put out at least a 4.3 incher. Browsing is nice. Doesn't feel awkward, and fits nicely in the pocket.
    Widgets - marginally useful. I could live without them, but it's fairly nice.
    Chrome as default browser - I wish I could change the default on iOS. Not a dealbreaker though.
  2. Honza, Jul 25, 2012
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    Haha I loved this. At least fanboys are fanboys, apple or android. Clearly I was unbiased as I tried the GS3 and wanted to like it despite its flaws (as a side note, I have to rip my old iphone out of my wife's hands and she has to go back to a flip phone and is not happy. If that isn't incentive enough to keep the GS3 I don't know what is). As for temple run, my friend who is not a phone geek (and who has an iP4) was the one who noticed the lagging and commented on it. Sure enough I played for myself and it wasn't as smooth as I would like. Certainly not as smooth as my new ipad playing Temple Run. If "freedom" means constantly messing with your phone then take it. I'll be out on a bike ride. Again, android has some great qualities, but this was my observation.
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    I think the best thing is to have both OS. Android is essential to me to be able to do certain stuff Apple won't allow.

    For example, I don't want to buy a laptop (don't need it and it's too expensive) ever again after trying tablets, but I do need some of that functionality, and iOS doesn't give it to me and Android does.

    When at home, I can use Android to download torrents or upload files to my NAS that iOS doesn't allow. I can play emulators and use a file system. It's more of a true OS than iOS.
  4. Vegastouch, Jul 25, 2012
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    Well it has only been a week after years with an iPhone. I liked that exterior silent switch as well but i got over it and you can just hold in the power button for a sec or two and the option to turn the sound on or off is right there if you dont want to pull down the window.

    The silent button on my iPhone broke and i had to replace the whole back casing to fix it.

    I would make more comments but the fact that you didnt like ANY other keyboards on Android (seriously, you didnt like Swiftkey or Swype/SlideIt?) just tells me you are so deep into iOS that your just not used to Android and arent willing to give it a good honest try. A week is a decent try but even i played with my iPhone on and off for a few weeks til i finally turned it off for good and i only used it for two years.

    Now, i cant imagine going back to an iPhone with a small screen and its limitations as far as customizations, being closed source and it falling behind,..... and you can determine which apps are giving you notifications. For instance, i use Handcent SMS, not the default SMS. I have Handcent giving me notifications via a tone and in the notification bar and i turned off the default notifications. OK, so there was another comment, ....lol

    Anyways, you can do more than you think you can, you just have to figure it out like you did with iOS. It is different than iOS for sure. When you open an app, hit the menu button and check out your options.
  5. Sensamic, Jul 25, 2012
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    It's funny that the only things iOS people complain about Android are small things when iOS has bigger problems and limitations. They just don't find any problem big enough...

    IOS has bigger limitations and they ignore them.

    It's 2012 and they still don't have 3G video calls... hello? And no 4G... a 3.5 tiny screen... an old keyboard that needs to be improved... And now, wait for it, they get an inferior maps app! How sad is that?

    They own a 2005 phone and they don't know it.

    I admire Apple in the desktop OS, but it's just now that they included USB 3... They introduce updates at a slower pace because they know they control their consumers.
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    Funny you brought up playing Temple Run. I love playing this game on my GS3, working on reaching 5000m :)eek:) Never really got into it on the iphone.

    The keyboard is pretty bad I think, as far as auto spell correction. The Gnex works much better.

    What is driving me insane is text selection. I'm totally fine with a long press to bring up the text selection brackets. But the left bracket is upside down, wth??? At least in the browser it brings up the magnifying glass. Try it in the mail app, the magnifying glass doesn't come up. You can't see what you're selecting unless you put your thumb sideways. It is not like that in the Gmail app.

    Battery life does seem to be worse than the 4S. I don't see how I can get the 9hrs of runtime with it per the Engadget review. Screen time was 3hrs today and battery at 37%. It seems to be roughly the same as the Gnex which I'd used for a week before I bought the S3.

    The stock email app is horribly slow to sync my yahoo mail. Sometimes it's instant but most of the time it sits there with the spinning circle for a minute before new mail comes in.

    I might go back to the Gnex, I have another week to test the GS3. But I'm not going back to iPhone :p
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    I have been using Google Music (on many different devices) since it began the beta, and I have never once seen this happen.

    That's the whole point of a security lock....so nobody can see ANYTHING in the phone without having the pass to get in it.

    Different apps blink different colors. Also, you can customize the light to be whatever color you want for a particular app. As for seeing more of the notification, that's a part of jellybean. BTW, you can control what app gives you notifications. All you had to do was go into that app's settings and enable/disable it. It sounds like you simply didn't take the time to learn the new platform.

    The magnifying glass in iOS is nice, but the bars on Android work just fine. You just have to adjust to a different way of doing things. Android isn't iOS. If you're looking for iOS' way of doing things, then don't look at an Android device.

    I use the Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard. That keyboard is WAY better than the GS3's stock keyboard, and WAY WAY better than the iOS keyboard (which flat out sucks).

    All you had to do was tap it, and it would have asked you what app you wanted to open it with, and you could have selected Kindle. Again, you have to get used to a different way of doing things when you change operating systems. It would seem you simply weren't very knowledgeable.

    I've never on any Android phone EVER seen anything like happen after taking pictures. Perhaps you had the "group by" setting set to something other than time. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is probably another user created "issue" stemming from not being knowledgeable.

    You could have just simply changed to a launcher that supports that. Again, you weren't knowledgeable.


    You probably have some things draining your battery. Considering the lack of competence (I don't mean this as an insult) of the platform you've displayed thus far, is highly likely you're causing your own issue. My battery EASILY makes it through a day of decent use. I have had days where I had 5+ hours of talk time, 2 hours of screen time, had all radios on, and the battery lasted me 15 hours.

    Runs perfectly smooth for me. I'm going to take a guess and say you probably had power saving mode turned on, which underclocks the chip. Again, this is a user-caused "issue", stemming from you not being knowledgeable.

    A different OS, things are handled differently.

    There are other apps just as good or better than cyclemeter, for example Endomondo. Carcassonne is available.

    All in all, it seems that the majority of your issues were caused by you. Most of it seems to stem from you not being familiar with the OS and not taking the time to be knowledgeable enough. Changing OS' is a big change and you have to learn how things work. It's easier to go from Android to iOS, because iOS does less, but there's more of a curve going from iOS to Android because you have to adjust to you controlling your experience instead of it being dictated. I don't mean this as an attack or anything but, the bulk of your list could easily be resolved by you becoming competent with the platform.
  8. Honza, Jul 25, 2012
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    I disagree. So 3G video calls are a huge issue and system wide notifications are a small issue? I use Skype for video chat, but no one I know uses it more than like once a week anyway. I agree that Apple introduces technology later than Android, but I'd rather have it come out an work well than have Google throw a million beta worthy technologies on the wall and see what sticks. Obviously I still like both but I'm generalizing here. Android generally has more features while iPhone has more polish. I thought that with ICS Android was on par with Apple with polish/user experience, but there were a few areas that were deal breakers for me. I just didn't want a phone where I had to replace the whole OS with 3rd party apps and configure everything with tasker to get it set up right. The basic things that I use all the time are more important than the "face unlock" and "smart stay" features that are often touted on android.
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    You can disable some applications(bloatware) in the Apps manager that you dont use, like....i disabled Chat On, S Suggestions, All Share controller, T-Mobile TV and T-Mobile ID and the battery seems to be better...not that it sucked before. It is better than my Vibrant was. You can disable more if you want to though.

    As for the stock email...mine works great with Yahoo. It did not work good on my Vibrant and i used the Yahoo app but i deleted it from my GS3 because the stock one has worked so well. Loads my emails real fast.
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    Who are you trying to kid? I can use Tango to do 3G video calls.

    Inferior maps? What's so inferior about it?

    Not sure how the keyboard is "old". It has great correction in my opinion.
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    With all due respect, you didn't see Androids with face calls at all, until AFTER FaceTime. I know Apple didn't invent "face calls" they've been possible on select mobile devices since the early 2000s, but they surely set it as a trend in mobile devices considering Android came out with facecalling after Apple did it. And Apple will be allowing 3G FaceTime in iOS6. Not that I care, I only use FaceTime once a week to see my parents across the country. And I do it from home wifi cuz 3G isn't reliable everywhere.

    And iOS has many limitations? Maybe to YOU. But I really dont see any limits especially with my fresh jailbreak. Android users who try to bring down the iPhone do such a horrible job, please realize that what you want in a phone isn't what every one wants. All you ever do is bring up the fact that you are more "free" to do what you want with your phone, with your widgets and what not. Yeah that's cute and all, but If I wanted that personally, maybe I would have bought an Android.

    And I've had to opportunity to use both platforms on a consistent basis. I became frustrated with the Android because it didn't always do what it was supposed to do, or it would be slightly laggy or hiccup, the iPhone just works everytime.

    I really don't hate Android, they are a cheaper more affordable option (obviously there are pricier better phones available too) for the masses and a lot of people have them because they are so plentiful. I'm glad Apple has something to compete with directly, makes things more interesting.
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    I think you would be better off without thinking that anyone who uses iOS is an idiot. I spent probably the equivalent of a full time job for that week googling things and installing various apps. I used Apex launcher which supports scrolling wallpaper, still didn't work. As for the battery - yes, I have power saving mode on, but I did not turn off GPS, wifi, 4g, whatever, because I don't feel like I should have to. I got a phone and I want to use all the features, and I've never had to do that before. If the battery didn't hack it it's not MY fault for not "managing it." Again, I don't want a phone that needs constant attention. Yes Carcassonne is available, but it's a complete joke compared to the iOS version. There's not even online multiplayer to play with friends (which is why I want it). For the Kindle, I exported the .mobi file from dropbox to the file system and tried to open it but it said no app supported it. So I had to figure out which folder to drop it in so it magically appeared in the Kindle app. Maybe you could change the notifications in all of the 50 apps to whatever you wanted, but that's a pain in the butt and they don't show up in the lockscreen anyway. Notice how I started the thread by saying "Android users feel free to give suggestions" in a polite way. This post was so condescending it makes me sick. Yeah, I'm no engineer, but I read a lot, google a lot and do the best I can. If that means I'm not qualified for android, so be it.
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    You should at least turn off your GPS. Why would you need that on all the time?

    You can make a NFC tag and stick it in your car to turn on the GPS as well as turn on your bluetooth without having to fiddle with teh phone. Hold it up to the tag, done! And you could do it vice versa if you made another tag to do the opposite.

    I do leave 4G on all the time now and the battery is good. I turn on/off BT, WIFI and GPS on a need to basis with my NFC tags.
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    You've got to be kidding. Apple's Maps is so devoid of information it's pathetic. Perhaps you should look at some side-by-side comparisons. It really isn't even close at all. Apple's Maps is amateur hour compared to Google's.

    Then that would be because you have quite limited experience with more modern keyboards. You should how irrational you are when you say it has great correction. That's just plain silly.
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    If it took you that long to figure out simple things, then perhaps the above statement may apply to you.

    And THAT is why you had the stutter in Temple Run....like I said, you had your chip turned down. YOUR FAULT.

    I never told you to turn those things off. If you had of payed attention, read, and comprehended what I wrote, you would have noticed the example I gave you of my battery life, and I specifically stated it was without turning off any radios. I don't believe in turning off radios, nor do you have to. But considering how poor your level of understanding seems to be, it would seem there's a great chance that once again YOU were the cause of your issues.

    I find it hard to believe there are 50 apps you have installed that each are providing notifications at the same time. That said, if you don't want the notification, simply turn it off. Imagine that, being able to turn off individual notifications. What a novel concept. ....and like I said about the light before, you can make it show whatever color you want for whatever app you want.

    Sorry my original post hurt your feelings...you should be less sensitive. The moral of the post was, you weren't knowledgeable and you caused the bulk of your own issues. If that hurt your little feelings then so be it. Ask someone for a hug later. Bottom line is, it's the truth of the matter whether you like it or not. You require more hand holding and things to be done for you. There's nothing wrong with that. Everyone isn't capable of managing things on their own.
  16. Sensamic, Jul 25, 2012
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    Tango is a 3rd party app. Not an iOS built-in feature. And FaceTime only works with... other iOS devices. Can you videocall another phone thats not iOS?

    Enough said.

    My Nokia N95 had video calls in... dont even remember the year.

    Did I say inferior Maps app? Oh sorry, I meant EXTREMELY inferior maps app.

    Hello iPhone users? Its 2012. Wake up!

    I really like Apple and their products but as a user I cant understand why they limit their mobile OS. It could be so much better.

    Ive been with it for 2/3 years and had to move on because Android was surpassing iOS and I was not going to stay with a less capable OS.
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    To the iGentleman... I really hope you graduated from Harvard with a 4.0 GPA with how rude and condescending you are being towards people just because they are not an expert about a silly phone. You speak as if you knowing so much more about a phone makes you a superior person. Until Google and Apple get on their knees and praise you for being so much more knowledgeable than others, you might want to chill out with the ego trip and learn how to be more helpful and respectful.
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    Oh I am so sorry. I offer my sincerest and deepest apologies. I had no idea I had to handle people with kid gloves and sugarcoat the fact their ignorance played a major role in their problems. I didn't insult the guy, he took offense to me stating he caused his own problems. Sorry but it is what it is. He did cause his own issues. Why do I need to sugarcoat that? I'm a very direct person, and when someone's right I have no problem telling them they are, but when they are wrong I will do the same. A guy makes a thread chronicling problems he caused himself, the response he received was quite appropriate. I have nothing to do with oversensitive people overreacting when someone tells them that the problem was actually themselves.
  19. ecwhite4S, Jul 25, 2012
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    The vast amount of people that I see with iPhones doesnt make sense then, if it's truly a less capable OS. The average business man? Is carrying an iPhone. The average teenage kid? Carrying an Android. You're ignorant. Its less capable of doing what YOU want to do and thats fine. But everyone else with an iPhone seems pretty damn content. OH MY GOD, I CANT PUT A WEATHER WIDGET ON MY HOMESCREEN, SHOOT, MY PHONE SUCKS. Oh wait, I can just look out the window and see the weather.

    I mean I get it, you guys like your phone to seem cool, and have cool add-ons, and fun colors and huge screens. (Is that a phone or a tablet?) I like a phone that works. I like the iPhone.
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    ..yet your phone is jailbroken...imagine that.. lol
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    I jailbroke it because I CAN. I was fine without it, I went 8 months without it. But I can and thats why I did, isnt that COOL.
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    Of course she isn't happy. You could have just gotten another iphone seeing as you already gave her the prior one.
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    ...yeah that makes a lot of sense... :rolleyes: lol jailbreaking for the fun of it..but not to actually used the jailbreak.. sure..sure....tell us anything lol. :D
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    Oh I added some things, mostly add-ons for Siri, so she can toggle brightness, wifi, airplane, just generally do more/respond to more commands. I didn't add any themes or cygets, or appearance things. Just a few fun little tweaks such as f.lux which yellows the screen at night to be easy on the eyes. Do I need the stuff that I added from the jailbreak? Of course not. Like I said, I loved my iPhone before jailbreaking, it does everything I need, and it does it well and reliably. A lot of members jailbreak their iPhones and don't add too much. Why not? We iPhone users like playing with the internals a bit too :D, and it's nice that if we want to, we have that option.
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    From my perspective, I have an android tablet, as well as an iPad, and I have to say, that my jailbroken iPad is equally customizable, and still "just works" for the most part, I have had very little problems with it, and I personally love it. However with my android tablet, on ICS, I have trouble with crashes, and I just find it a lot easier to use my iPad.

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