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switching hosts help

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development (archive)' started by krossfyter, Jan 15, 2004.

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    i need to switch from the host im using to another host for my website. im not really understanding of how to do this.
    what does the new host need to know? i will also be using a new domain name but i will get that from the new host.
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    Re: switching hosts help

    Are you transfering your existing domain as well? You'll need to get the Domain Name Server (DNS) addresses from the new host, and change them on your current domain from the old ones to the new. How you do this depends on where you registered your domain, and who can do it is limited to who is listed as the admin or tech contact in the WHOIS directory. Once you change the DNS, let the new host know what your old domain was and they should be able to set it up from there. If they will be registering a new domain for you, they'll be able to take care of it for you. Transfering your files is usually the site owners responsibility, but some hosts will do it if you give them your FTP username and password.
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    from which company to which company ...
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    okay im sort clear on what to do.. thanks for that advice. i have a domain i need to transfer... its not mine its someone elses.. but i will be using a new domain so obviously there is no transfer there.

    im moving from dot5 to 1and1 by the way.

    thanks guys.. im going to go ahead and see what i can do and if i have any trouble ill come back here and post again.
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    Good move leaving Dot5. They su-diddily-uck, as Ned Flanders would say. Did you have the joy last month of having Dot5 lose all of their data? "Hi, our server was compromised and we lost your website."

    I'm using Readysetconnect now--so far so good.

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