Sync Issue with iPod classic

Discussion in 'iPod' started by jroug, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Still on last version of iTunes, but having odd sync issue that I can't imagine is related. I have a huge library of music (over 200 days) and I used to sync some movies on to the iPod. I'd also sync a single (4500 song) playlist and use the "fill in the rest of the iPod wih other music from your library" option to do just that.

    Now that I have iphone5 I decided to delete the movies from iPod (due to it's smaller screen) and add a few more (small) playlists to iPod. I kept the "fill in...." option. But even though this is a 160gb iPod and the selected playlists are a fraction of that, and a bunch of movies have been deleted, it will not copy all the selected playlists during a sync.

    Is this because itunes isnt recalculating a new set of "fill-in" tracks, but is instead trying to sync the exact same tracks it filled in last time? Do I need to do a restore? Any help appreciated!

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