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Syncing multiple me accounts to 1 mac and 1 iphone...

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by onebitrocket, Jun 3, 2010.

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    My folks have signed up for some me accounts, having left their previous email provider.

    The basic scenario is there are 4 me email accounts 1 mac and 1 iphone, and they all need syncing.

    What is the best way to have all accounts sync together with each device?

    Or do i need to just have the primary account sync to each device?

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    One primary account OR a family plan (5 email accounts)
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    It's 4 accounts of a family pack account.
    1 Primary and 3 of the secondary accounts.
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    1 + 4 = 5 (NOT 4)

    See: http://www.apple.com/mobileme/pricing/

    A Family Pack subscription includes one Individual account with 20GB of combined email and file storage, plus four Family Member accounts, each with its own email address and 5GB of storage. Convert an Individual account to a Family Pack anytime you like — you just pay the difference.

    ** EDIT - I also think some of MM will be free tomorrow announced at WWDC...
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    Oh FFS, why are you being so pedantic.

    My original question didn't even have anything to do with asking how many accounts a family pack has.

    All i asked was:

    Is there anyway to sync 1 iphone and mac to multiple mobile me accounts?

    Thank you
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    You asked a question...

    I tried to help you...

    You did your own research (which you could have done before posting)...

    You then incorrectly, corrected me... (rude)

    I then corrected you...

    That is being pedantic???

    BTW, the answer to your original question is - NO


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