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Syncing Notes to iPod Touch

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by xXriderXx7, Nov 6, 2007.

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    Is there anyway to sync notes to the ipod touch.
    Maybe with the new mail notes function?
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    well, if you jailbreak you can add notes.app from the iPhone
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    I know.
    It is jailbroken.
    Sorry if my post was confusing.

    My touch is jailbroken, all the iphone apps are on it, and quite a few others.

    I need to place a large amount of text into the notes app on the touch, too much to type on the touch itself.
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    You could use google docs. But with that it's read only. But that would allow you to see it on your touch.
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    Why not just use the books reader app. it reads txt files fine. create your note on the computer place it on the iTouch and use books.app. Thats what I am doing with large text files.
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    I've been following a bunch of these note-syncing threads on different forums. :D

    Thanks for the tip, Thief, I'll check out Books....

    On a side note, Xxrider, apparently if you have Leopard you can use Mail to sync to your iPod Notes.... don't ask me how, I don't have Leopard. If you have Leopard, go google that and you should get some answers. :)

    If you don't have Leopard, the way that I'm trying is to access my iPod is with AFP and FTP (install Pure-FTPd and AFPd servers onto your jailbroken ipod, they make your ipod accessible via those protocols, and connect your iPod to your wi-fi network). That lets you view your iPod in disk mode, and you can find a file called notes.db under Library/Notes.

    notes.db is a SQLite3 database. If you know that language, use a SQLite3 Browser to run commands on the database to add notes. You can then go further to automate this if you know some script like PHP or Perl that has SQLite3 support....

    But just be careful, ;) I ended up hooping my MobileNotes.app because I tried copying notes.db back and forth to and from my computer/iPod quite a few times, and after trying to change the data a bunch of times, I tried to restore the original data but that didn't work, I must've made some error in the permissions of the notes.db file, because now my iPod Touch cannot write notes to it. :( (If anyone has any ideas on how that happened or how I can fix it [I've tried chmoding, but it says "unknown error"] then please do post!)

    Wow that was a long post. :) Sorry if I'm bringing back up an old topic - this is an active issue for me.
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    Syncing notes with Ipod Touch

    I am the new owner of an I-pod touch. I have synced all my contacts and calendar from Outlook 2002. Is there any app or any way to sync and transfer all my notes from Outlook? I sure wouldn't want to retype all that information:(
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    me.cyanpro.com <-- read my blog, I put all the info I came up with on this topic there.

    No there isn't a way to sync the notes, unless you have Leopard and Outlook is somehow compatible with the iTouch.

    You can jailbreak your iPod and use a different program called Books.app instead of Notes.app though!

    And the contacts... they should work.
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    Notes and Leopard

    It is only a rumor that Leopard can sync notes with the iPod Touch. (I'm running 10.5.2) There is no setting in Leopard to sync your notes with the iPod Touch. Apparently, the notes in 10.5 and those on the iPod Touch are two different kind of files. :(
    I'm waiting for the Apps Store in June and hope that someone comes up with a decent mobile office suite. :apple:
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