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system language change on 8.5

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Malvin, Oct 28, 2003.

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    I have never worked with macs.. till yesterday:
    my cheff came with a mac and said: "so. look at this and say me, how we can use it." I cant use it. The system language is japanese, and as a win-pc user, i have no experiences to use a mac. first time the different mouse and so on ;) sry...

    i looked allready arround and found a tool, that was told, can change my system language easy. but i cant transfer it from my win-pc 2 the mac: th USB floppy drive ist recognized, but not displayed on the desktop. and i cant find an other way to open the floppy.

    thx for help
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    if it was OS X you could go to system preferences > and there choose system language.

    but it's 8.5. system can be in one language. is anyone who speaks japanese using that mac? can you find 8.5 cds and install os 8.5 in english to it?

    and what mac is it? if you have all its specifics (model, year, processor, harddrive, ram, drives etc) maybe we can find out if it would run newer systems (9.x or OS X ) too. good luck.
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    Which Mac is it? You might be able to put Panther on it and possibly get it to work better with your company. I have only worked with 9.2 so I can't come up with another answer.
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    It is Complete System without tower. only USB keybord an mouse possible the same with floppy drive. (iMAC?)
    On the following information i am very proud (out of an japanese
    Prozessor: PowerPc G3 233 Mhz
    (i think) hdd: 4Gb+3,1Gb
    Ram i dont know :(

    i would like to tell zou more about that mac, but actualy, that all i can say.
    I have found the cds, but again: only japanese. Is it possible, to install an englisch version, from a japanese Cd? i cant read anything.

    And yes: here are japanese ppl. But the problem is, that dont want too work with it. They will help me, i hope. But till now, nothing has happend :(

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    I've heard of people installing Panther on a 233Mhz iMac before. Make sure it has 128MB+ RAM then you're set.

    Of course you could always find OS 9.1 for like $20 somewhere.
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    Most of Japanese MacOS8.5 is unfortunately Japanese only. You can read and write English as well as several other languages, but most system files such as the help menu will only be in Japanese. If you want you can install a different language version of OS8.5 and then add in Japanese language support for reading and typing. I have used both US English OS8.5 and OS9 CDs in Japanese iMacs. If you want to install OSX Panther instead, I reccomend upgrading to the maximum amount of RAM possible for your iMac.
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    thanks a lot!

    Panther is a kind of programm wich swiches the system language?
    Is it free ware or do i have it to buy?

    anyway, i will try to find a newer version, and the size of my ram :D


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    i have now menaged to get mac os x 10,2. but i cant install it! if i start the installer, he says, that its only possible with 9.1 or higher to istall the os x.

    is there an other possiblility to get it startet?

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    Happy to help. Panther is just another name for Mac OS10.3, the latest version in the Mac OSX series. I hope you enjoy using your Mac. :)
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    When you are installing OS X, are you doing an upgrade or a clean install? I believe if you do a clean install, you can install OS X straight without anything else (and it shouldn't give you any error messages), but doing a clean install will erase everything on the computer, so be careful.

    If you are upgrading, I think you need OS 9.1 or at least OS 9.0 (but I'm not 100% sure.) The install manual should have more information for you.
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    Sorry, just missed your last post. I am not sure, but it sounds like you may have an OS10.2 Jaguar "upgrade" cd. To use it you would have to install OS9.1 or OS9.2 first as it says. I believe a full version of OS10.2 should include OS 9.2 for dual boot.

    However, I would reccomend that you do not use OS 10.2 with your particular iMac. OS 9.2 or OS 10.3 would run much faster. OS 10.3 will take up about 3GB of space if you decide to use it but OS 9.2 by itself will use much less.

    You can buy a full version of OS 9.2 online for $20-70US. Update CDs are much cheaper but may present problems if you try to use a different language version to upgrade. You may have to do a clean install. Changing system language settings in OS9.2 is possible. It will however be easiest for you if you start with your native language version of OS9.2.

    In my opinion for your situation the cheapest option to give yourself better native language support and a stable OS is to just buy OS9.2 in your native language. This way a RAM upgrade will probably not be necessary to achieve good performance. You will not be able to run many new applications, but your computer should be fine for tasks such as internet, writing letters, storing recipies, listening to music CDs, and a few old games.
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    THX a lot to all of zou! :D

    maybe i would have tryed to install that version till i have no power left.
    ok i will look for 9.2.. my hard disk is not so big ;)

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