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tabBarController, clicking an item a second time

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by estupefactika, Mar 3, 2009.

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    Hi, I have a tabBarController. Each item has a ViewController. It works fine, the problem is when I click an item a second time. In the first time it load methods, I update any thing, etc... but a second time it doesnt do nothing, I would like to update some data but it doesnt load methods again

    Is there any way to solve it? Thanks
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    I believe this could be fixed by making all the tab bars under 1 view controller
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    Let me get this straight: you are clicking a tab bar item that is already selected, correct?
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    No, it has already been selected previously.
    All my tab bar item use the same ViewController, depending what is clicked, it display one or other things.

    - I click in tab bar item 1, it display me a table. Correct.
    - I click in tab bar item 2, it does the same, correct.
    - Now, in tab bar item 2 I update all data clicking a UIButton, it display me the table updated, correct. But If I come back to tab bar item 1, it contains the old table not updated, I need reload it. I think is because the view has already been loaded previously. I would need to reload it again. It is possible?
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    It is. Look into the setNeedsDisplay instance method of UIView or the reloadData instance method of UITableView.

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