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    Jun 18, 2010
    I'm looking for the best approach to this problem.

    In my tableview I have a list of options from which you can select one and only one. The problem is the selection to choose is not obvious without displaying more details on the option.

    If I use the disclosure indicator or button for the more detail, I lose the checkmark functionality.

    In searching around I see some have used the cell Image as a work around.
    I see others instead of using the standard disclosure button have created custom disclosure button looking like a checkmark. Haven't seen this one but is it viable (HIG) to add a button in the cell ('more info') to launch the next tableview.

    My thought was to use a disclosure indicator and on the second view in the navigation bar (where the edit button usually is) add a 'selectMe' button.

    I think I am probably manage to code either of the above, am just asking for information on what is the best (HIG) way.


    Option 1
    Option 2
    Option 3 (x)
    Option 4

    Where x is the checked one

    But in order to know which is the best choice you need to see

    Option 3 (Header)

    Option 3-a
    Option 3-b
    Option 3-c >
    Option 3-d

    Where even at this level option 3-c might have additional information.

    Any guidance you can provide would appreciated.

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