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Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by MaximusMeridus, Aug 6, 2010.

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    I am new to iphone development and would like to develop a simple database driven app much like contacts except being read only.

    I would like everything as below, in tableview alphabet quicklinks on the right and a detail page linking a photo to a resource directory referred to within the database.

    Would anyone be able to help or show me similar examples or where I can download sample projects? To make it easier, it's just a matter of master-detail so just needs to be read only to display a catalog of data.

    See image below

    Much appreciated to anyone who can lend a hand or a pointer


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    Let me get this straight. You expect someone to give you the source code to do your entire project? For free? That's lots of hours of work by someone who knows what they are doing (so could be doing their own projects for money or hiring themselves out). I think it's time to get real and hire a programmer if you are unable to program yourself.
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    Hi, thanks for your reply..

    I am not looking for someone to code, but there may be samples around that do just this, which is really precisely the same as the contacts app so it's not rocket science, but will help me understand how the components work together.

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    How would "Would anyone be able to help or show me some pretty much identical project code?" be anything other than a complete project that does this?

    Apple provide sample code for many of the concepts covered here but it requires you, the programmer, to do a lot of work to understand it and then write your own app. Sample code is not code that you copy and paste and then delude yourself that you can program. It is absolute minimal code demonstrating a simple concept, not a full, polished, working app.

    Examples of the sample code Apple provide that demonstrate some of the concepts that the Apple Contacts app use:

    SimpleDrillDown : Basic table based drill down UI
    DrillDownSave : Demonstrates how to save position in a drill down UI.
    TheElements : Table views, data sources, custom table cells
    TableSearch : Implementing search in a table based UI
    CoreDataBooks : Using CoreData, initialising the database, retrieving and displaying data.

    So I ask you: what effort have you put in to research this? Apple provide Sample Code covering pretty all concepts in the app you want. What they do not provide is what you asked for in the first post: a complete app, ready to go, to your specifications which you can claim as your own.
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    Thanks, appreciate your help.

    I didn't realise that is was such a rarity to find projects like these. The links don't work below as I need to be a registered developer..

    It's simply a personal project that can be created in MS access, visual studio or dreamweaver with little knowledge and didn't think such a simple app which is essentially a contacts app in read only, master detail, would be so hard to find.

    Anyway, I have found a few project tutorials on the matter and when finished I will post the files here for everyone to download as I can see many others are looking for just that and shouldn't really need to be developers to publish a rather simple database. The aim is to be productive not obstructive over code that isn't really ours to begin with.


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    Hours of work? I sincerely doubt it, minutes for the experienced programmer and seconds if you know where I can get sample code. Lets not exaggerate the magnitude of this feat, I am not asking for something extraordinary here, it's a basic framework set out by apple and not in the slightest invented by anyone else.

    Your app is testament to that, the intrinsic value is in the data in this respect, the framework provided by apple is simply a way of delivering this inline with their guidelines. A comment like this doesn't really warrant itself, would be much better to keep quiet or lend a hand for 1 second. Knowledge sharing is an important part of development and support of this great approach, lets not hinder it.

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    As an experienced, professional programmer I will believe my own estimate based on experience of actually doing this than you making it up as you go along. I would also point out that someone has to write the "sample code" you seem to expect to exist to start with.

    Have you actually done any development? If so exactly what did you manage to achieve in "minutes"?
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    If you have code that resembles the contact app already, it takes minutes to package to show as an example. What I am not asking for is a complete product quite naturally or I would employ someone to do it for me. You are right I am not a programmer but a director though programmed substantially in early days, just not on the apple platform.

    I am simply showing some interest and it is clear to me, that some are far too protective over rather simple work. I didn't come here for a d*ck measuring contest, I just came for a little help. If you can't give that, then keep your comments to yourself and let those who enjoy helping, do it. Next time you ask for help in life and someone can't be bothered because of his ego, just remember this occasion. What a great ambassador you are for your product.

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    Given that you asked for sample code and that I spent a small amount of time finding and linking to appropriate samples on the official website that you can access using a free account I consider that I have offered you help. If you cannot be bothered using it then that's up to you. I will happily take you up on your suggestion and will not offer any more help or advise as you are completely unreasonably and ungrateful.
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    Ahh please don't pretend to be angelic now, your help was condescending, not interested in that sort of help thank you. I am familiar with the apple website, but that is not what I was looking for and you know it. Good riddance

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    So it's been 6 days. So suggested it would only take minutes to do and you'd post the files... Finding it harder than you though perhaps?
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    I threw this together in less than a hour:

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