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Take system back in time

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by 6SSD4, Dec 25, 2008.

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    Safari suddenly goes slower and I want to set it back to yesterday. Is there any way to do that? I´m starting to regret those downloads, lol. I´d really like to just set it back, but I have no cd drive, so reinstalling the OS is not going to happen.
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    Time machine works great when you want to go back in time
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    Sounds realistic, but how do I use it?
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    Do you have a time machine backup?
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    I´ve done nothing manually. I´m all new to mac.
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    Safari will likely return to its snappy state of yesterday with a simple quit and relaunch.

    Other things you can do is reset Safari. See the Safari menu to do that.
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    The reset did the thing. Faster than every now :D Thanks
    What is better to do with the rpm to make Safari fast? 2500 or 4000?
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    To help my mom understand how time machine worked I sent her this guide (pdf).

    Basically, you want a hard drive, it can be dedicated to time machine (recommended but not necessary) or partitioned to be dedicated to both file storage and time machine backups.

    I just got a WD Passport and partitioned it so that 120 gb was for time machine and the rest was for file storage.

    Read the guide, but it's real simple. The second you hook up an external hard drive you will actually be asked if you want to use it as a TM backup disk. I say no so I can allocate specific space and such, but that is just me.

    Since this is for my Air I'll just keep it backed up every so often. I'll keep a second TM backup to a networked drive when I am home, it'll backup wirelessly. The purpose of using the portable is in the event I am away from my home network, I can backup every so often and not worry too much.

    Check the guide, if it doesn't make sense lemme know.

    One more thing, you can exclude files from the backup. I exclude music since it is already stored and backed up from my NAS.
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    Ouch, thanks alot for trying. I don´t have an external hard drive.
    People around here seems helpful :D
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    Ouch? No no. :) I hope you didn't take that as sarcastic or harsh because for once, I was neither. Call it Christmas. :eek:

    I highly recommend the My Passport Essential, 250 - 320 GB as an extension of your Air. That's just me though. I like the size and all. Shop for the best prices and such though because they range so much. Never use your main hard drive as your time machine hard drive as it is not doing anything more than creating half-assed redundancy. Meaning, it can't be redundant if it's on the same drive.
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    Ill consider it =D
    I just installed coolbook, but it wont seem start. Ive payed the 10 dollars and installed it, but i dont know what to do..
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    Can't help you there. I have a Rev B and seem to have zero need for coolbook.
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    Wasn't there an update that came out that made Coolbook unnecessary or incompatible?

    <heads off to do a search>

    Woof, Woof - Dawg [​IMG]
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    Neither did I, but suddenly it went from 48 degrees and 2500 rpm to 82 degrees and 6200 rpm, so I thought ill install it.
    Dont tell me Im getting all these known issues?
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    I do not know exactly. What did you do in the last day?
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    <<<Jessica what are you surrounded By?
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    Right now, family. :D
    At home, clutter and boxes. I am moving.
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    Oh ok, last week saw empty boxes :) sorry OP off topic.
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    I advice for most people to computers (include my parents) is do not install tweaks and other apps unless you know what you're doing. In this case, Coolbook doesn't make your computer faster or slower; it's suppose to help with cooling by dropping the voltage on your processor. Just because your computer is getting hot, doesn't mean you need more utilities. It gets hotter with usage and the fan is to cool it down. Let's nature do it's work as they say.

    As with Time Machine, you need an external HDD like many have suggested. Imagine someone said photocopy your passport and keep in a safe place. Keeping the original and photocopy in the same place wouldn't be too practical would it? Same idea with back ups—you need an external drive for it to work.
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    It didnt bother me much because it did not get any slower, but if it will, it will bother me. Kernel attacks are makeing it slower usually, right? So far Im in every way pleased with this computer.

    When my it went up to 6200 rpm i broke my record at Pacman :D
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    Kernal panics, and you would know if you had one.
    I think what you need to do is just reset Safari, reboot, and see what happens. Uninstall coolbook too since it seems rather dysfunctional at this point.
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    You need a Deloren for that ;)
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    What to chose? 2500 rpm or around 4000? My final question (hopfully) in this thread.

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