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Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, May 5, 2002.

  1. arn
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    re: SETI

    I may have to start looking into it...I've seen other people running this thing on their computers...but didn't think about actually using it myself...hadn't been interested enough...

    but I may change my mind a bit?

    congrats on getting a team together...I'm sure the guys around here are going to be quite pleased! ;) :p
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    First to join.

    Throwing the gauntlet down!

    I'm on to ET...
  4. arn
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    heh... :)

    I've got a 350mhz G4 sitting here next to me that isn't doing much... it's seti'd up... and my dual 800 will do it as it can....

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    Ensign Paris

    When I rebuilt my mac I forgot to put this on I have done now, and I have added myself to the team. I think I had around 40 units done :)

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    A bit a friendly competetion between macrumors regulars will soon see us catch the other groups.

    I'm still leading with 155 units...
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    Ensign Paris

    I have a few machines at work (about 23) that I can put Seti on and nobody would notice. I might do this, I think it would be a real boost!

    I used to use a Centris and I have Seti on that, its was soooooo much slower that now!

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    I have an old iMac 233 running 10.1 with seti. I 3435 hr 54 min of running time, and I started doing seti on an old performa 6200CD with 75mhz. I'm going to add my pismo to the computers, since it has a cracked screen. I hope more people join this club.
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    Just joined. I'll see if i can catch up on the leaders :p

    My tibook is on virtually 24/7, so with any luck i'll be able to get a few units done a week.
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    Ensign Paris

    Looks like we have quite a few users now, thats good!

    We need more! Anybody out there have a server farm?

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    G4 867 on 24/7 :D

    I've had my 867 Mhz G4 running seti for a while, i've got like 18 units done. But i'm leading with 11 hours each unit :-D nyah

    Anyone know how much it would slow down the units by running the darwin client along with the gui one? I think it's slowing me down... *shrugs*
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    As one of the first people to sign-up for SETI when first released in non-Beta form, I willingly join your esteemed group and add my...

    800+ units to the cause.

    (And I fixed my "name link" so it no longer connects to the group I founded once -- Handspring Visor Crunchers Society -- but to this discussion.)
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    No disrespect intended to the SETI team, but I would really like to see a macrumors folding@home team. That is something that interests me a little more. What about it, Arn?

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    I've signed up, glad to add my 260 units.
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    Ensign Paris

    dang, my 40 units looks even smaller now, I am really going to have to use to machines at work to catch up!

    Anyone know what the biggest team it?

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    Just joined the team with 572. That puts me in third!
  17. macrumors member

    Just join the team with 1005 units. Was running Folding@home but now that I have a team to join I am back to SETI@home. I am still waiting for my new TiBook 800 to arrive next week. Whe it does I will run SETI on that and Folding on my PC laptop:)
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    Mr. Anderson

    I can't seem to find my old work units, I did it a while ago. Not much but I'll join later. Great to see we're up and running!
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    Ensign Paris

    I wonder how many people we will get signed up!

    MacAddict has many thousands :(

  20. macrumors regular

    Not bad so far!

    20 members in under 2 hours contributing

    5290 work units and 10.622 years of CPU time!

    Bring IT (or ET) on!
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    I am thinking about joining. Only problem is that I am already in a group that I am happy with. I have about 300 units.
  22. macrumors regular

    Falleron what group are you with?
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    Ok, I'm in...


    You guys must have slow computers. :)
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    No major team, just a couple people. I do have a Dual 1Ghz though, quite good for SETI.
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    Wow 2 results something's wrong!

    If you look at the page now we only have 2 results with like 30 hours of work.

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