Testing a QT streaming server through a DSL router

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development (archive)' started by robbyc23, Jan 26, 2004.

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    *****Server is shut down for the night*****

    Howdy folks,

    Hope this is a good place for this first-time post...

    I'm running QTSS on my G3 powerbook, connected to DSL modem/router and I've been trying all sorts of router configs to allow my stream into the WAN.
    I have one stream running on my own OSX webserver site and another at a separate domain.

    I'd really appreciate it if anyone could go to either:
    or EVEN...
    to see if there's a view of my living-room here in Ireland instead of the QT logo.
    If not, thanks for yr time and it's back to the drawing board...

    Thanks in advance,

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    sorry mate, just the QT logo for me

    Why not just save a pic from your webcam every x seconds to a location viewable by a webserver? I have some PHP that'll do some "last picture" stuff, and calculate whether the camera's online or not?
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    Oh well...


    Tried that already...
    The main reason I'm trying it this way is because I'm involved in a project to do live webcasts of multimedia events in Ireland and abroad. Linking performances between countries and on the web.

    It all works fine on my own Mac/PC/Linux LAN, but the router's making it difficult to go worldwide. Just one of those things...I know it works in theory, but I'd be pleased if it.....etc, etc...

    I'll keep working on router and NAT configs and keep running around to the Web Café...

    Just in case, I'll add my current IP to the original post.

    Thanks again,

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    What ports have you opened at the router to let traffic through? The usuals are 554 and 6970 - 6999.

    I'm getting a connection failed error when loading your ref movie in QuickTime (easier to get error messages that way).
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    Yep, thems the ones that are open. I believe.
    I basically enbled the NATS default server option.

    I'm going to try to disable that and set up pinholes for those ports. I am fumbling in the dark a little though.
    But, hey, with a limited number of options......infinite number of monkeys....typewriters....mumble....mumble....Shakespeare....

    Sorry, drifted away there.
    I'll keep trying, though my IP will change with every router restart, but the domains will remain.

    Appreciating the help,

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    Thanks for the help everybody.

    I'll shut down for the night and do a bit more research in the morning.

    At least, I've found an excellent forum..


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    Still awake...

    Well, I got the stream going on QT standalone at

    My final routerconfig worked!

    Now to see if I can embed it again....
    ...speaking of embed.....

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    Re: Still awake...

    ok, you're in ireland. same timezone as the uk, right? your last message was at 5.03am - shocking!

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